It's now cheaper to recycle electronics in Teton County

(Teton County, Wyo.) - Teton County Commissioners approved a fee reduction this week to cut the cost of electronics recycling in half. Beginning today, Thursday, July 21, customers will pay 20 cents per pound, down from the previous fee of 40 cents. Through a new agreement with ECS Refining, LLC, Teton County recycling customers will pay less without sacrificing the high environmental and ethical standards of service for used electronics that they have come to expect. Teton County Superintendent of Solid Waste and Recycling, Heather Overholser, commented, “ECS is an E-Steward, R2 Certified recycler and complies with the most stringent standards for environmental responsibility. ECS recycles 100% of electronic materials and never ships to third-world countries.” Based in Santa Clara, CA, ECS operates an electronics recovery and recycling program funded by electronics manufacturers. Established in Wyoming in 2011, ECS operates programs in Montana, Idaho and North and South Dakota – states in which there is no legislated responsibility or requirement to take back these materials. ECS is replacing Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), of Aurora, CO, as the electronics recycling provider for Teton County. Previous costs to customers at the Recycling Center were based in part on fees that ERI charged the county. ECS, in contrast, will not charge a fee and, in fact, provides a reimbursement of three cents per pound to address the labor and processing associated with the collection of these materials. “We are not paying for the waste. An OEM [original electronics manufacturer] is paying to recycle these materials with literally the highest standards for recycling in the world.” said ECS Business Development Director, Tom Hogye. Electronics are accepted at the Recycling Center only and not at the Trash Transfer Station, per a 2003 County Commission-approved ban on electronics. Teton County ISWR appreciates the community’s responsible disposal of these materials regardless of their ability to pay. As such, ISWR staff always give residents the option to pay what they can and charges businesses the full fee. ISWR receives grants, notably from the Teton Conservation District and the Brinson Foundation, to help offset the cost of electronics recycling for residents. For commercial entities, electronics recycling is considered a cost of doing business similar to trash removal expenses. *Feature Photo: Teton County Recycling Center. Pitchengine Communities* #buckrail #news