Lincoln County Murder Suspect Flint Harrison Found Dead in Jail

(Davis County, Utah) - FOX 13 Salt Lake City has reported that murder suspect Flint Harrison, 51 has been found dead in his cell. On June 28, Harrison and his son, Dereck James Harrison, 22, were charged with first degree murder, felony murder, kidnapping and possession of stolen property in the death of Kay Ricks in Lincoln County, Wyoming in May. Ricks was a UTA worker who went missing on May 12, 2016. Harrison and his son were extradited back to Davis County to face kidnapping and assault charges of a woman and her four daughters in Centerville, UT. *Background* On the evening of May 10, the Sublette County Sheriff's Office was notified of a "be on the look out" (BOLO) for two suspects wanted in connection with a kidnapping and assault that was reported in Centerville, Utah. The suspects, identified by the Centerville Police Department as Flint Harrison and Dereck James Harrison, were said to have fled the area in a 2011 silver Chevrolet Suburban. By May 14, both suspects were arrested in Sublette County, Wyoming. According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune , the two men were originally charged with 10 counts of first-degree felony aggravated kidnapping. They allegedly kidnapped and beat five women, who were later able to escape. Read more about what allegedly happened here. Now, they are charged with first degree murder in Lincoln County for the death of Ricks. More details on the murder charges are available here. *Feature Photo: Flint Harrison. h/t Sublette County Sheriff's Office /