Local Entrepreneur Develops OTG Packs to Keep Adventurers Safe, Comfortable and Energized

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Last summer, Megan Peterson was out climbing with her boyfriend. They hiked to the top of the Crags and suddenly realized that they forgot their sunscreen and their protein bar. “I thought, man I wish there was something small that we could grab that had everything in it we need,” said Peterson. From there, she began researching if something like this existed. When she found there was nothing like it, she started work on her new business OTG Packs . OTG packs is a small, light-weight (4-ounce) pack that includes outdoor essentials. The basic pack includes sunscreen, insect repellent, Ibuprofen, lip balm, a bandage, sanitizing wipes and a protein bar. The more comprehensive OTG Pack includes a safety tool as well as a electrolyte water additive and a beefier protein bar. Last winter, she even developed a winter pack that included hand warmers. Peterson said she can also customize packs for specific organizations or retailers. [image: Inline image 1] "My goal was to provide the 3-4 million people who come through this town every year with something small and lightweight that they can just grab to go do their hikes, boating or whatever,” said Peterson. "I want to keep them safe, keep them comfortable and keep them energized,” she added. In just the last year, Peterson as been able to develop the product and get OTG Packs into several local retailers including Elevated Grounds, Headwall Sports, Teton Mountaineering and all of the visitor centers in Grand Teton National Park​. As many people in Jackson, OTG Packs isn’t Peterson’s only endeavor. She also owns a photography business, Megan Peterson Photography , where she shoots events, portraits, family photos, and more. Learn more about OTG Packs here. *Feature Photo: (Left) Megan Peterson and (Right) OTG Packs. h/t Megan Peterson* #buckrail #new