Locals Show Some Love to Those Who Plow Our Streets

Signs that locals help up for snow plow drivers this morning. h/t Heather DeVine / People Spread Love

(Jackson, Wyo.) - Very early this morning around 2 a.m., several locals gathered to thank the people who plow our streets on cold snowy days like today. 

"We all realize that it takes a lot of hard work to keep the streets clear here in our little mountain town so we can all go as business as usual. So this season we are showing gratitude to our Snow Plow Drivers," said Heather DeVine, event organizer and founder of People Spread Love in an email prior to the event.

Jackson Hole Roasters donated coffee and Nom Nom Doughnuts donated some sweet treats for the snow plow drivers. Others showed up and held signs to show the workers that the community appreciates what they do. 

"They were completely besides themselves and didn’t know what was going on,” laughed DeVine about the event this morning. "You could tell that they really appreciated it."