Buffalo Jump Winery

To think, it all started over a glass of wine.

We are Wyoming through and through. Beckie is from a 5th generation Wyoming ranching family; We're tough, hard-working, self- sufficient, and passionate about the things we love. Over that glass of wine, we realized we wanted to work together, and wanted to build something that was greater than ourselves. We wanted to create something meaningful, tangible, and authentic - something delicious. We wanted to make the best distilled liquors created in our great state.

After operating our winery for four years, we started distilling in the beginning of 2016 with our grape based vodka. The vodka recipe had been vigorously tested for years, and we finally were able to run it through our small batch still. After blending the spirit with our local mountain water that flows from Yellowstone National Park, the spirit was amazingly smooth, drinkable, and exactly what we were shooting for in a vodka; perfection in a glass.

The final products is carefully distilled 25 times and only the fresh fruitiness from the grape peeks through this smooth and drinkable vodka. There's no burn to this 80-proof vodka, even when imbibed straight at room temperature. While it mixes well with fruit juices and in a Martini, it's at its best served neat and cold, and sipped like a fine Scotch.

Whiskey was our next passion, made from naturally grown local grains. Our goal was to produce a whiskey that was very drinkable neat, and one that would also hold up in a mixed drink, and brings you a complex flavor profile. After much trial and error, our whiskey was born. We take our locally grown corn and mash it with malted barley and hand distill it after a careful fermentation. The whiskey is smooth and drinkable right off the still, but we barrel age it in selected American charred barrels to lightly oak the spirit and to bring out the best that the whiskey has to offer.

Our still is run by hand to fine-tune the spirit by taste. We collect only the best portions of the alcohol to create the best product possible. We've truly created a labor of love, a passion to produce the best spirits this state has ever seen. We hope that you enjoy and taste our passion in the spirits that we produce.