How Quickly Can You Build Your Muscles?

Building your body is not the same as it was in the old times. Before, you just had to do your everyday chores and your body will follow suit. Because in the old days, men needed to carry hay bales, wheels, huge tree trunks, and pretty much everything when it comes to transportation of items. Unlike today, people now use machines to help themselves govern everyday tasks. However, try to think. How fast can you really build your muscle?

The Tale of the Tape

First, you must know the factors that can help you out in muscle building today. Ever since the dawn of the 20th and the 21st century, you already have more access to different types of equipment to make exercises and workouts better. Fully equipped gyms have more than enough materials to help you gain and build big muscles. However, you have enemies, too. Bad discipline, more fast food, smartphones, and unhealthy food are just some of the few.

Understand that in the old days, they were REQUIRED to build muscle. Lest they want their families to suffer from his weakness, he must move to continue everyday life. You are not required and therefore you have more reason to NOT exercise and workout. Because of today’s society and workforce diversity, you use your mind more than you use your body.

So, How Fast Can you Do it?

Some people, with the help of Steroids, build it hyper fast. Check this out for a guide to your first steroid cycle and see for yourself. These things have adverse effects, too. You are advised to be very careful when dealing with steroids. To be sure, you must talk to physicians and doctors you know. This way, you can muscle up with proper guidance.

Without steroids, you can build 0.25lbs or 0.5lbs if you are a man. However, this involves a good diet. If you cannot sustain such a diet, you will see difficulty in bulking up. Women on the other hand need to work more. Since they do not have much testosterone in their body, they will need to work out better.

These numbers only represent the average muscle build you can gain. You should be aware that doing more workouts can also lead to different problems in the body. Make sure you check with your trainers and your physicians if you see things developing.