Keeping Your Car in Top Shape is Atascadero’s Trusted Auto Center – Bumper2Bumper

Atascadero, California – Whatever vehicle you have, there will come a time when you will have to deal with body repairs, dent removal, parts replacement, windshield repair, and other works on your auto body in Atascadero. Regardless of how much you take care of your car, damages are inevitable; the only difference is how soon or how late these will manifest. Therefore, it is important not only to practice proper care and maintenance but also have a trusted auto repair center to rely on whenever you need some car repairs. With all that said, Bumper2Bumper is your trusted company that offers professional auto services that will meet your high standards.

Bumper2Bumper has been in operation for 20 years and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Their aim is to provide services that help clients save time and money, as all of their works are quick and light on the pocket while guaranteeing to last the lifetime of your vehicles. At Bumper2Bumper, they keep things simple – collision are left to collision shops while repairs that don’t require wielding, frame straightening, and weeks of downtime are theirs to handle. They want you to be back on the road as soon as possible, so they work efficiently and effectively.   

Being a responsible car owner and driver will help you minimize damages to your car and getting caught in a road mishap. Nonetheless, there are certain things that are not within our control – weather conditions, other reckless driver and other unexpected incidents such as a stone hurtling onto your windshield, a tree brunch falling onto your car’s roof, or even that road curb. These things can put you in jeopardy and cause you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on repairs or replacements. But not with Bumper2Bumper; many of their repairs cost less than most deductibles. So, if you are searching for a company that offers quality and affordable auto repair services, they are your company of choice.

Their services include auto body repair, bumper repair, paintless dent repair, paint touch up, and windshield repair in Atascadero and surrounding areas. They handle minor collision problems such as dents, scrapes and scratches. They utilize modern technology such as PPG paint and the latest tools in paint-matching to get the most accurate color matches possible. Combined with their innovative strategies, they can guarantee an auto body repair that leaves no trace of any previous damage. Additionally, they welcome all works carried by insurances. And to make sure that you don’t get slowed down by the mishap, they can get you a car rental through Enterprise Rent-A-Car at a discounted price or for FREE!

If you ever get involved in a fender bender or get rear-ended by some reckless driver, you will surely require expert bumper dent repair in Atascadero, California. Some bumper dents may seem minor and not requiring professional repair, but you should not take chances, because you never know what may have been damaged underneath. To make sure that everything is taken care of, let Bumper2Bumper handle the problem. From simple scuffs and scratches to larger cracks and deeper dents, they have the technology, skill set and the experience to handle all your bumper damages. To minimize cost, they will do repairs instead of an expensive replacement whenever possible. 

Another common car problem that a lot of us always have to deal with are those pesky dings and dents that are not only frustrating in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of market value. Those little dings and dents can greatly impact the overall resale cost of your vehicle. Nonetheless, Bumper2Bumper has the perfect solution – paintless dent repair in Atascadero. You no longer have to wait in long lines just to have these minor imperfections fixed. The company can repair these dents and dings, on plastic or metal, in just a couple of hours rather than days or weeks from other repair centers. They also give you free estimates to know what exactly needs to be done and how much it would cost you before you commit.

Another service they offer, perfect for those minor paint blemishes, scratches or chips, is paint touch-up. To solve those paint nicks, small key scratches and other imperfections, you no longer have to pay for a whole body repaint. Through their paint touch-up service, they will only work on the areas that need fixing, ensuring that there will be no sign of any damage after the service. This is a very economical solution that will save you money and time. 

Bumper2Bumper is definitely the company you can rely on when it comes to auto body repair, bumper repair, paint touch-ups, and windshield repair in Atascadero and other areas in California. They have the skills, experience and the latest technology and techniques. For more details on their services, you can reach them at 805.238.1112 or 805.462.3368.