Bumper2Bumper Auto Body Repair

Bumper2Bumper, Your Ultimate Go-To for Auto Body Repair

Atascadero, California – At one point in your driving experience, you may have or will inevitably encounter problems or damages in your vehicle. No matter how careful or meticulous you are when it comes to maintaining your car, some parts will eventually and naturally break down or some incidents may cause damage in your car. You may need a paint touch-up or perhaps some repairs to remove a dent, fix your bumper, replace a windshield, or even a quick fix of your auto body in Atascadero. Lucky for you, Bumber2Bumper is a one stop shop that can offer you professional repair in affordable prices! This company has been in the auto body business for years and has an excellent reputation as a member of the Better Business Bureau and The Bureau of Automotive Repair. You are guaranteed that they will deliver high quality work to make your vehicle last a life time. 

Bumper2Bumber offers a variety of auto body services and detailing which includes paint touch-up, paint less dent repair, bumper repair, windshield repair, and auto body repair. They handle any type of damage related to minor collisions such as dents, scrapes, scratches, and broken bumpers. These damages, big or small, should always be addressed right away to ensure that the vehicle works at its best and the safety of the occupants are not compromised. Bumper2Bumber has excellent teams of professionals that will surely deliver top notch repairs. They have also been keeping up with the latest technological trends and techniques to provide their customers high quality work. Moreover, they make sure that these services are quickly executed and are available for the most affordable prices.

One of the common problems that car owners encounter include dings and dents in their vehicle. These flaws are very annoying to look at and can sometimes take a couple of weeks to fix. In Bumper2Bumber, they offer a paint less repair for simple dings or even large dents in metal and plastic and this fix will only take a couple of hours unlike in other repair shops. They can also repair all types of bumper damages in more inexpensive prices because they prefer to fix than to replace. Bumper2Bumper is also a place to have your cracked, chipped, or shattered windshield in Atascadero repaired. A damaged windshield should be immediately addressed since it keeps you and the other occupants of your vehicle safe. It is important to fix a small crack or a chip right away so that it won’t turn into larger ones, causing bigger trouble and higher repair costs. Just like bumper repairs, windshield repairs in Bumper2Bumper cost less compared to other repair shops because they strive to fix the damages quickly and not to replace the entire thing.For rock chips, nicks, and small key scratches, the company also has a paint touch-up service. The good thing about using a paint touch-up is that it is very cost effective because it only needs to cover up the damaged part and not to completely repaint your whole car. They use different airbrushes, touch-up guns, and special polishes to fill in and remove small nicks and scratches. Bumper2Bumper also accepts work carried by insurances and if you are in need of a rental car, they can also arrange that for you in free or discounted rates through Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

If you are looking for a repair shop related to auto body in Atascadero, then Bumper2Bumper is exactly the company that you are looking for! They can handle anything and everything related to minor collisions and body damage repairs that does not need frame straightening, welding, or weeks of downtime. They have been in the auto body business for 15 long years and they are dedicated to provide quality, quick, and affordable repair services to their customers. They are located both in Atascadero and Paso Robles and you can also drop by at their office anytime for free estimates and consultations as well. They operate 24 hours so if you need their services immediately, you can call them at 805-238-112 / 805-462-3368 or send an email at For any additional information, you can always check their website at For auto body repair and auto detailing, Bumper2Bumper is the right decision for you!