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Windshield Repair, Bumper Repair and Paint Touch-Up: Bumper2Bumper does It All

Windshield Repair, Bumper Repair and Paint Touch-Up: Bumper2Bumper does It All

Atascadero, California – Road accidents happen regardless of how careful you are when on the road. There are certain uncontrollable situations that will simply put you in a compromised situation. Your car will get dented; its paint will be chipped; its glass will break. And while careful driving and regular maintenance will minimize the occurrence of such accidents, it just doesn’t exempt you from the possibility. Thus, it is important to always have a trusted company that can service your auto body in Atascadero whenever you get in trouble. This being said, you can always rely on Bumper2Bumper.

People would immediately seek the help of a professional auto expert after a major collision when the damage is obvious. But when it comes to small dents and chips, car owners usually let it pass as just another damage that can be ignored. However, if you really care for your vehicle and for yourself, you need to take it to your trusted auto repair center and have the damage checked because having small dents and chips fixed is not only a matter of aesthetics but is also about keeping the value of your car intact, as well as its overall safety and functionality.

A car’s finish is made to be tough to withstand external elements for the protection of its passengers. Small chips and dents that don’t damage the metal may seem harmless but once the finish is compromised, moisture can sip in and eventually lead to paint and metal degradation or rusting. As a vehicle owner, you must know that rust will not be confined in one area; it will spread and devour every metal on its path. The process will even be accelerated with the continuous flow of moisture and snow salts. When this happens, you will soon find that your car has not only lost its value, but its overall functionality has also been compromised. Thus, you need to have chips and dents, no matter how small they are, fixed as soon as possible. If you are in need of professional windshield, paint or bumper repair in Atascadero, Bumper2Bumper is the right choice.

The company has been owner operated for more than 15 years. They are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the Bureau of Automotive Repair. Bumper2Bumper aims to save money and time for each of their clients. They offer quick and affordable services that surely last the lifetime of your vehicles. They also offer free estimates so that you will know how much repairs or replacements will cost you before you close the deal. All you have to do is drop by their shop, send them an email or give them a call.

They keep things simple. Collisions are left to expert collision centers while they handle auto body damage repairs that do not require welding, straightening and weeks of downtime. And while they accept insurance work, most of their services are less than most deductibles. The company is capable of offering the following services: auto body repair, dent removal, windshield repair, paint touch-up and bumper repair.

If you are in need of windshield repair in Atascadero, you are at the right service company. They have the experts to take care of your windshield. They will make a thorough inspection of any crack, chip, nick, and other similar damages to make sure they provide the right solution. When your windshield requires a repair, they can complete the job quickly and easily in about 15 minutes, saving you from the expensive costs of a replacement. They use the same process as Safelight but at a more affordable rate.

For minor dents and paint scratches, the company also has a solution. They can perform paintless dent repair on metal or plastic which is usually done in a couple of hours unlike other service providers who take days or even weeks. Also, they can do paint touch-ups so that you will not have to pay for an entire auto body repaint. Only the portion that needs fixing will be painted over. They use PPG paint and the latest technology, air brushes, touch-up guns, and special polishes to get the most accurate paint match as much as possible. This is a very cost-effective way of enhancing you vehicle’s appearance without the price of a full body repaint.

Bumper2Bumper is definitely your trusted auto body repair specialist. If you are in need of paint touch-ups, bumper repair or windshield repair in Atascadero, you can always give them a call at 805.238.1112 or 805.462.3368.