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Celebrity Smiles - The Secrets to Celebrity TV Teeth

We are fascinated by celebrities because they entertain us and because they represent something we aspire to become. They always look perfect and ready for the camera and let’s be honest; we don’t accept anything less than that.

We can argue about their talent, skills, humour or charisma, but they all have one standard quality we all love: a perfect smile.

The truth is, no one was born with perfect white teeth, but today’s advanced cosmetic dentistry makes it easy for celebrities to achieve that flawless, shiny smile we are all so used to. There are several cosmetic dental procedures behind those dazzling, light-up-the-room smiles:

Porcelain veneers

The porcelain veneers are thin, V-shaped pieces of porcelain which “dress up” your natural teeth without making you feel uncomfortable or making your smile seem unnatural.

They can completely transform your smile by changing the shape, the size or symmetry of your front teeth. Take a look at Tom Cruise from “Risky Business. Since his star began to rise he has reportedly upgraded to a mouthful of veneers since then.

One of the most appreciated qualities of porcelain veneers is they do not need whitening because they do not stain nor change colour, and cleaning them is no hard work.

Dental implants

Although people become more and more aware of the importance of a proper oral care, anyone can suffer tooth loss at some point, for various reasons, even celebrities.

Thanks to dental implants, this, along with a host of dental issues can be fixed - as Zac Efron,  who appears to have had cosmetic dentistry to help him fix his uneven teeth can testify.

Dental implants are replacements for tooth roots, which provide a strong foundation for permanent or removable teeth.

At present, it is widely accepted an implant is the best treatment option for tooth loss.

Moreover, they have the advantage of looking precisely as your natural teeth; they increase self-esteem, they are not affected by dental diseases like decay.


Invisalign is the new alternative to traditional dental braces, and it is ideal for many of those who want straight teeth but are not big fans of wearing braces.

The technology behind Invisalign allows the creating of a 3D model of the patient’s teeth which helps the specialist understand how each tooth is going to develop, and create an exact treatment adapted to every patient’s need.

When using Invisalign, the patient is less likely to feel pain and discomfort, and it allows them to feel more comfortable in their skin.


They are usually used when a tooth is damaged, and porcelain veneers or bonding are not enough to rebuild it.

Crowns are designed to fit the original teeth, therefore there is no universal shape and size; they are specially built for each patient’s needs.

Celebrities (Possibly Hilary Duff among them) choose this dental procedure as well, as it enhances their natural smile and improves their oral health in a healthy way.

Dental bonding

This is a dental procedure by which a composite physiognomy material is fixed on the tooth surface; this article is moulded on the tooth to render its natural structure and aesthetic appearance. Dental bonding can be an alternative to porcelain veneers.

Elective dental work is the norm in Hollywood. It's just one of the many options an actor has in their arsenal of self promotional tools.

"Celebrity agents have long known that a healthy, beautiful smile is a symbol of success," says Justin Morgan known as the Dental Marketing Guy, "as time goes on, the trend for white and straight teeth has become part of proper grooming. It's hard to say when this trend started, but I think many people look to the movie stars as trend setters. These celebrities are held to unreasonably high standards when it comes to visual appearances, but white and straight teeth are just par for the course in 2018."

From a pure whitening to dental implants TV stars go above and beyond always to have that red carpet smile.

Fortunately, nowadays everyone has access to these fantastic dental procedures, which not only fix dental issues, but they also boost our self-confidence, making us feel more capable and better looking.

Image: Pixabay CC0 License