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Create the Perfect Beach Bridal Look

Beach weddings are no longer reserved for the movies. So many engaged couples now are planning their dream weddings right on the beach in front of the beautiful blue ocean.

Despite all the beauty surrounding her, the bride still wants to stand out as the most beautiful sight to see at the wedding. Everything around her will just magnify her own beauty even more.

So she can outshine the sea, the bride needs to look her best, and this means choosing the right ensemble for her beach wedding.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress worn on the beach should be more relaxed. Since you’re going to be outdoors on a breezy beach, the fabric of the wedding dress should be soft and light.

Chiffon is a common material of beach wedding dresses because it is made from nylon and silk. Some popular color choices for the chiffon are white and ivory. If you can get a freeform silhouette, that is even better. Overall, the lighter the dress, the better it will be for the beach.


Women are often sensitive about their figures, especially at their weddings when they are the center of attention. High-waisted shapewear will tone down your hips and stomach under your wedding dress.

Smoothing shapewear will give you a more pleasing physique that will likely earn compliments from your guests. After all, you want that dream wedding silhouette on the beach.

Romantic Bridal Hair

The perfect bridal hairstyle really depends on the preferences of the bride. Some brides with long hair may want to wear it down with beach waves while others may want to braid it upward.

Another idea for beach bridal hair is to wear it in a side pony hairstyle, where all your long hair drapes over your right or left shoulder and is held together with a hair bead.

If you’re worried about the wind blowing your hair out of whack, then a tied or braided hairstyle might be better.

But if you don’t mind the wild long hair blowing in the wind, then let it loose.

Tropical Hair Combs

Tropical hair combs are little combs look beautiful in beach bridal hair, adorning it with a flower, crystal or pearl.

Since beach weddings so often follow tropical themes, a similarly-styled hair comb will make you look more an exotic and adventurous bride.

Blinged-out Flip Flops

Sand and heels don’t mix. Brides who get married on the beach will either wear nothing on their feet or wear sandals.

If you’re the type of bride who needs something on her feet when she gets married, consider wearing wedge flip-flops adorned with little crystals that make the footwear sparkle.

The shimmer will only add to the beauty of the rest of your ensemble.

Cascading Bouquet

A cascading bouquet can either have all the same type of flowers or a variety of different flowers, and tapers as it drapes from your hands.

Because it is both tropical and flowing, the style is popular for beach brides.

Roses and white flowers in a bouquet are always popular for beach weddings, but you can spice it up with purple and blue flowers to make it more tropical if you want.

You even can use artificial flowers in all sorts of different colors based on real and non-real flowers.

Beach Bridal Makeup

Brides still need to have the right makeup applied when getting married on the beach. The good news is that you don’t need to wear heavy makeup because the brightness of the sun will illuminate your facial features just fine.

However, you’ll still want to apply a light foundation and color to make your skin glow. You can wear black eyeliner if you want, but a gold or silver eyeliner is sometimes more appropriate for the beach.

Just make sure all your beach bridal makeup is waterproof because there will be a lot of moisture in the air.

To Veil or Not to Veil

A veil is a traditional wedding accessory for the bride to wear over her face. But since beach weddings are not traditional, don’t feel pressured to wear a veil.

With all the wind that will likely be on the beach, a big and extravagant veil will get blown around and rumpled. If you’ve always dreamed of a veil, however, a good alternative is a birdcage veil.

If your heart is set on wearing a longer veil on the beach, keep a birdcage veil as your backup. Then, if your wedding day results in blustery weather, you can forfeit the long veil and wear the birdcage instead.