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What Types of Conditions Can Be Treated with Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a real form of medical treatment that utilises the power of the subconscious to help a person overcome a variety of disorders and problems.

Some people are sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating mental-related health conditions. They may be judging hypnotherapy based on what they’ve seen in television shows and movies or by just what they’ve heard in Western culture.

But legitimate hypnotherapy goes far beyond helping people remember repressed memories. By tapping into the subconscious mind, a hypnotist can help to change your feelings and attitude about virtually anything.

There are no guarantees as to whether hypnotherapy will work for you and so, according to Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic, Bayside Psychotherapy, it’s a good idea to “test drive” hypnosis for yourself.

Its effectiveness varies based on how well a person can be placed under hypnosis. Only a certified hypnotherapist can determine that.

So, which specific disorders and conditions can hypnotherapy treat? Check out a few below:


People can become addicted to just about anything that gives them temporary pleasure. But these addictions can cause personal and financial havoc in their lives.

There is nothing tougher than battling the temptation of giving in to an addiction. However, hypnotherapy can help you control these intense feelings and cravings.

Some common addictions that can be alleviated with hypnotherapy include tobacco, cocaine, pornography, gambling, sex and alcohol.

Anxiety affects certain people worse than others. People with severe anxiety may develop symptoms like insomnia, panic attacks, hypochondria, blushing or generalised stress.

Hypnotherapy can work to reverse these symptoms by targeting the source of the anxiety in your mind and making you realise that there's no need to worry.

Compulsions are sudden feelings you get to do something without really thinking about it.

People with serious compulsion issues may have problems related to compulsive shopping, compulsive lying, obsessive-compulsive disorder, body dysmorphic disorder and trichotillomania.

While medications which can only help to calm these disorders, hypnotherapy has a chance of eliminating them.

Eating Disorders

There are various types of eating disorders, including everything from harmful and deadly anorexia and bulimia to unhealthy inconveniences like comfort eating, binge eating and night eating syndrome.

The end result of an eating disorder can be excessive weight gain or loss, obesity, malnutrition and other health issues related to poor diet.

Hypnotherapy might help end your desire to such poor eating habits once and for all.

Phobias are irrational fears. Some people have a phobia of spiders, while others may have a phobia of public speaking, crowds or water.

Hypnotherapy could possibly help you come to terms with your fear so that you can overcome it.

Not all impotence or other sexual issues are a result of old age or some physical ailment. A lot of sexual issues start in the mind.

Perhaps it is fear of intimacy or some other mental block which is stopping you from performing sexually.

Hypnotherapy can work to find the underlying cause of these issues and possibly reverse them.


Depression is a serious mental disorder which affects millions. It can stop you from enjoying your favourite activities or living your normal life.

While a chemical imbalance causes some depression, some people get depressed for no known reason. Hypnotherapy can help you uncover the reason so that you can finally put it to rest.

Much chronic pain stems from stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy potentially could retrain your mind so that you can control pain rather than let it take over your life.

Trauma and PTSD

Anyone can experience a traumatic experience. It is not just military soldiers who end up with post-traumatic stress disorder. You can see or experience horrific things just about anywhere.

Images of traumatic events and the emotions associated with them may stay on your mind and cause you to feel that trauma all over again. Or, PTSD could cause you to feel no emotion at all.

A hypnotherapist might be able to stop those mental images from coming up all the time or help alleviate the feelings in your subconscious associated with them.

Grief can take a powerful effect on your life. However, a hypnotherapist can help give you a reason to live so that you don’t let grief destroy the rest of your life.

Do you feel guilty about something that you did recently or in the past? The feelings associated with guilt can make you sad, angry, anxious and depressed.

Sometimes these feelings will last years beyond a person’s recollection of what caused the guilt to start.

If you need to come to terms with your guilt, a hypnotherapist can help.

Insomnia is when you cannot fall asleep. You may feel physically tired, but you just can’t fall into that state of unconsciousness.

Sometimes your medications can keep you awake, but for most people with insomnia, worrying is the cause. Let hypnotherapy work to improve your sleep by solving whatever problem is making you this way.

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