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9 Successful Strategies for Motivating Voters

According to researchers, some strategies can help increase voters turnout during an election day. Use the following tips to plan an effective election campaign and get out the votes:

1. Emphasise mobilisation.

Personal contact has more power over mass emails or handouts. People will respond better if contacted by someone they know.

According to research, door-to-door mobilisation increases voter turnout by 8 to 10 percent. On the other hand, email, leaflets and direct mails increase participation by only less than 1 percent.

Make the voting personal. Look for perfect opportunities to introduce voting conversations, such as during family gatherings.

2. Know your timing.

Proper timing works like magic. Trying to get out the votes effectively? Do it in the last week. Not to say an early voting push does not count, but it’s been shown to be less effective.

Do it big throughout your campaigns. However, go all out in the last week, especially on the final day before the elections.

3. Motivate your volunteers.

Volunteers play a vital role in voter turnout since they talk with them directly. Therefore, it is essential to have your volunteers motivated for the final stretch.

How do you best motivate volunteers?  Volunteers are part of the campaign, and they should feel so. Make them confident and proud of the work they have done throughout the election cycle.

Show volunteers that you care by feeding and keeping them hydrated. Remind them that what they are doing is giving back to the community.

4. Work on your digital presence.

With today’s advanced technology, almost everything has gone digital. Therefore, using online resources for your campaign is important.

Get a Facebook page or even a campaign website to help amplify your campaign information for the voters. Make sure to increase your presence in these digital platforms as the election day nears.

5. Ease the voter’s burden.

Little things can affect voter turnout. Make sure to provide voters with the necessary basic information, such as the voting venue, the opening time and the identification requirements.

Organise free rides for voters needing transport assistance on the election day.

6. Preach the essence of voting.

Voters will sacrifice their time to go vote only if they are made to believe that it is urgent. Let them know their votes will bring the needed change in the society. Remind them constantly that every vote counts.

7. Picture the voting.

Voters are more likely to show up on the election day if they picture themselves doing so in advance.

During the campaign, ask people about their plans for the elections. Ask about where they will be casting their votes, how and when they will be doing it.

8. Positivity is key.

Do not use negative messages during your campaign. Voters only need positive energy.

Stick to positivity by reminding them of the importance of voting and not the consequences of not voting. For example, explain to them how the future of society depends on their votes.

9. Stay focused.

Always remember that your goal is to increase voter turnout on the election day.

Start by identifying the already convinced voters willing to support your candidate. Keep these supporters on track to avoid losing them to other candidates.

Image via Pixabay CC0 License