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Why Corporate Video is a Vital Part of Marketing Strategies

To truly understand the usefulness of corporate videos, you need first to understand the concept behind them.

A corporate video is used to convey internal and external messages. It is very different from traditional video advertising in terms of the target audience.

Corporate videos and videos, in general, have proven to be very effective in marketing. On average, more conversions are made with videos when compared to other types of content.

Below are a few reasons why corporate videos should be part and parcel of your marketing


Corporate Videos Drive Customer Engagement

To gain relevance in today’s over-saturated market, you need to create corporate videos that are sure to grab people’s attention and make them want to do business with you.

Your presentation is more likely to be viewed by your target audience if it’s engaging, compelling, and attractive.

Videos are more popular with people because they’re easy to understand and are very effective for visual learners.

If you want to rise above the noise and set yourself and your business apart from the competition then you should definitely consider making use of a corporate video.

Corporate Videos and Videos, in General, Drive More Traffic

According to the Internet Trends Report 2018, videos account for over 66% of all of the traffic on the internet.

If you’re not making use of corporate videos, then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers and sales.

The math is simple. If you have a video on your website, it is 66% more likely to draw traffic to your business.

Video Messages Are Easier to Retain

It’s a proven fact that humans are visual learners. We tend to concentrate and assimilate visual information better than text.

The quickest and most efficient way to educate your customers, staff, and potential clients is through video.

Video’s efficiency can be credited to the fact that it encompasses three different forms of communication; text, sound and most importantly, moving imagery.

These three forms of communication work together to enable our brains to compute visual

information efficiently.

Videos Increase Online Visibility

Search Engine Optimization is a critical factor that determines whether or not your business and brand will be easily found when your potential customers input specific keywords into search


Most businesses find it challenging to drive traffic to their websites or social media pages. Videos help your business get found when you input keywords associated with your video.

The more strategically placed videos you display, the more your website gets pushed up in

search engines rankings thus improving your business visibility.

Corporate Videos Gives Your Business a Platform to Tell its Story

Corporate videos help you tell the story of your business in a fun and informative way. They can also be used to let your employees know your mission statement as an organisation.

Corporate videos give you the opportunity to engage the right people in a conducive

environment without commercial constraints.

If what you want is an opportunity to let the public know what your business stands for, why it was formed, how you plan on revolutionising your industry and everything in between, then a corporate video is a must-have for you.

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