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Designhill Make Branding Easy with AI Powered Logo Maker

Artificial Intelligence continues to make waves in the online world, with AI concerns and AI advantages being realized on almost a daily basis.

Among those leading the way for designers and those engaged in brand marketing is Designhill. Designhill has been the preferred choice for many designers and branded logo creation over the last few years.

Now, with all of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence at their fingertips, their Flagship Logo Maker tool has brought new possibilities for marketing and branding teams looking for advanced design tools.

The Designhill Logo maker is a simple yet powerful tool built with a lot of artificial intelligence and machine learning embedded right into the algorithm that powers the logo maker engine.

Designhill has created an efficient and incredibly useful to that can create dozens - if not hundreds - of original designs in under a minute.

“With the current advances in AI”, says co-founder, Rahul Aggarwal, “all we need from designers are a few simple inputs. Users choose a style and color palettes along with some information about their niche or industry and the AI design engine does the rest.”

By incorporating the technology available through AI, Designhill have created a set of online logo-making tools that are capable of understanding users preferences.

In the past, designing logos for hobbyists and professionals might have taken hours. Today, it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes for designers using the logo-maker to come away with exceptional and high-quality graphics which can be incorporated into, and consistent with, business branding.

The logo maker’s algorithm uses a combination of over one million icons and more than 10K unique color pallets and combinations. In addition, the tool contains over 2,000 fonts and more than 5K shapes and containers.

When combined with the technology of artificial intelligence, the design tool is capable of producing hundreds of unique and professional designs in a matter of minutes.

The results are, among other things, free of copyright infringements, editable and can be saved in a number of typically used formats.

With Designhill’s logo maker, there is really no worry of copyright ! It is extremely easy to use ! Gives amazingly quick results and is really affordable.

And the best part is no matter your business type, you can instantly preview your logo on stationery, merchandise, apparel to get a feel of how it would look in real life!

With a solid network of more than 90,000 designers from around the world, Designhill is not confined by business size, cultural diversity or industry. Their global customer base ranges from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom to Southeast Asia and beyond.

Added to the AI capacity of Designhill is their ability to engage specific designers for your project and create custom, on-demand results through their design contest or one to one project service.

For those engaged in full-time design and branding, this is the means having 24X7 access to skilled designers who are able to offer a growing list of design services.

Customers can also specify budgets and can select designers based on their own level of expertise and competence. Further, once they have the designs they want, they can get revisions without any additional expense. And finally, once their design is perfected, the rights to the work are signed over by the designer.

Together, the logo maker and the custom design service represent a cost-effective and quick solution for those looking to fulfil their graphic design and branding needs.

Designhill takes the pressure of designers and agencies looking for original and professional design results by providing real-time design concepts without compromising on quality.