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2019 Trends in Event Planning and Design

Event planning is more popular now than ever. Companies and entrepreneurs in all sorts of industries depend on events to introduce themselves, their businesses and the products or services they create.

As an event planner, there are plenty of clients available who need your services. However, they expect you to plan an event for them which accommodates the latest trends in event planning.

Everything from the technology to the venue must be considered because these events need to be interesting to the guests. After all, the guests are who need to be impressed at any event.

Check out the following 19 trends in event planning and design that are all the craze in 2019

1. Retro

A huge chunk of the population grew up in the 70s and 80s, and they love all things retro. Use plenty of bold colours for the furniture and velvet for the clothing.

You can even provide era-inspired props and wigs to give guests mullets and giant afros. Or, you can plan a theme-based retro event, such as a Star Wars theme or disco theme.

2. Online Hosting

With all the money and planning that goes into an event, you’ll want it to be seen by the widest audience possible. Join the technological age by integrating an online experience into the event.

With multiple 360-degree digital cameras set up around the venue, you can let an online audience watch and listen to the speakers of the event from their computers or mobile devices.

3. Virtual Reality

Companies like Cavendish Venues now create digital venues in virtual reality spaces. In other words, guests from all over the world can experience a virtual walkthrough of a 3D party or event.

These virtual experiences will be just as informative as if the guests attended in person. This technology is certainly a step up from basic online viewing because guests will see everything in the first person like they are actually there.

4. Bigger Is Better

In the old days, companies used to hold several small events, each with their own unique activities. Due to budget constraints, companies are starting to merge their smaller events into a few larger galas.

These businesses often will use large public spaces for these events, which saves them money in the long run.

5. Healthier Food Options

As Millennials begin to host more events, they want healthier menus.

When planning an event in 2019, the catering will need to accommodate certain diets and lifestyles, such as the paleo diet, keto diet, vegan diet, non-GMO foods, gluten-free foods and organic foods.

Guests will appreciate these healthier choices that accommodate their dietary needs.

6. Instagram Moments

We live in the age of selfies and social media, and they are not just personal activities anymore. Businesses have realised their potential for promoting company brands and attracting new people.

Events in 2019 feature selfie stations where guests’ pictures are taken and uploaded to the company’s Instagram page. Then organisers then create a photo journal of the event for all to experience and remember.

7. Stunning Backdrops

Venues with beautiful backdrops are another 2019 trend. Organisers can plan the event on a city rooftop or in the grassy hills near a mountain, both stunning and memorable to guests.

The perfect venue really only depends on what kind of memory you want to give your guests. Some hosts choose aircraft hangars, while others choose the food court inside a mall. The backdrop sets the tone of the entire event.

Image via pixabay/pixabay license