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The Eco-Friendly Office- the Office of the Future

Eco-friendly practices will save money and energy as well as being kinder to the environment. Ensure your office is sustainable by promoting environmentally-friendly practices at work.

Here are ways to make your office more sustainable:

Have plants in your office space

Offices can get stuffy at times due to poor ventilation that limits the circulation of air. Plants are good filters and will thus improve the air quality of your office. Plants in an office are good for decoration and give the space a more homely, friendly feel.

Incorporating plants in your office can serve as a polite reminder to the staff and you to always keep the office environment green.

Choose supplies that can be recycled

Reusable products at work will help you cut on expenses and also reduce the amount of waste thrown out each week. For instance, you can start a cartridge refilling program where staff refill ink cartridges instead of disposing of them.

Ensure you provide the staff with office recycling bins meant for reusable materials only. This will make it easy for them to keep disposable waste seperate from reusable products.

Make use of natural light

Using natural light at the workplace helps to reduce energy consumption thus cutting on the utility bills. Large windows will maximise the amount of sunlight that gets in the offices.

Replace the office lighting fixtures with LEDs since they consume less power. Keep your workplace sustainable by installing smart power strips, sensors and timers. Ensure that computers and office equipment are turned off when not being used to save energy.

Use less paper

Does our staff use paper towels to dry their hands after washing their hands in the washroom? Install an air dryer to dry their hands instead; it is more environmentally-friendly.

Ensure that your kitchen staff does not use paper towels to clean the kitchen mess. Provide them with more sustainable and economical paper towels. For example, those made from bamboo or sugarcane.

Create awareness

In order for green strategies to be implemented at your workplace, you need to teach the employees about them. Create an office training program to educate staff on how to keep the workplace eco-friendly.

During the training, explain to the importance of using eco-friendly papers and using natural light instead of having lights on all day.

Introduce your staff to the concept of a recycling program and the use of DIY resistance bands. Encourage staff to use reusable materials. Teach them how to use recycling bins.

Be sure to mention the advantages of using public transport means over private cars. Encourage the usage of bicycles or walking if possible.

Use renewable energy

Embrace the usage of green power such as solar and wind energy. Rooftop solar installations are becoming common. Install a few at your workplace. Save both earth and money by using renewable energy.

If you cannot get access to renewable energy, make sure that your electric appliances promote green strategies. Most renewable energy sources provide their consumers with green electric appliances. Suppliers provide green electricity plans at more competitive prices compared to a traditional electricity plan.

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