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New SEO trends that can change your game

The ever-changing SEO landscape keeps you on toes. While certain rules can be the same,

for instance, the use of relevant keywords in titles or optimization of websites for mobile

platforms, the other things may require constant tweaking.

The search engine king Google aims to become the ultimate destination of its users, and in this attempt, it is updating algorithms more than ever.

To keep yourself afloat, you have to take the necessary steps to fulfill the standards chalked out by Google.

Google snippets

Also known as zero-click searches, the featured or rich snippets answer user queries on the

SERP, as a result of which many people don't feel a need to visit any other place. Such

situations can be harmful to your business.

But there is nothing to fear. You have to study the nature of the queries. If you go through them, you will realize that those are mainly about contact information or a quick answer to a simple question.

Since these clicks may not be useful in conversions, you can relax.

However, you should help your content feature in one of those searches to come into

people's notice.

Rich snippets usually consist of a title, description, images, ratings, prices,

and so on.

These can have lower CTR but are easy to get. On the other hand, featured snippets show a chunk of information on the top of results and can improve CTR too.

But you cannot get space there so quickly.

No matter which form of snippet you target, you have to make sure your data is well-

structured and organized. Use a qualified website auditor to investigate this.

If it lacks proper structure, then implement it. Also, do some keyword research to understand where you are ranking.

At the same time, find out which keywords your competition has used to get a place in a featured snippet.

Local SEO

The results of most of the zero-click searches or snippets appear in local packs. If you see

them on a mobile device, they will occupy the same amount of space as an entire search

engine result page.

You can appear for those searches by targeting keywords like

''near me'', ''phone number'', ''address'' through a Google My Business page.

It is only one part of the efforts that you put in here.

Local packs cannot cater to all the searches - for example, the ones where product comparison is needed.

For this, you need to provide extensive information because users would visit your site. And here, you would need to execute old SEO practices.

If your backlinking is in good shape, you can achieve easy success.

To ensure that you have a strong backlinking profile, first study the backlinks of your rivals and aim for them.

The backlinks should be authoritative. Plus, keep an eye on your local ranks. Since location can

play an essential role in searches, you should optimize it well.

Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning is not a new occurrence. Google has been using it for many years to

change users' experience for the better. An example of this is the discouragement of

keyword stuffing in the website content.

The year 2020 will draw more focus on this aspect, especially after the rollout of the BERT algorithm.

According to experts, Neural Matching, RankBrain, and BERT are the three main models. The

first algorithm helps the search engine to understand a query, the second one relies on

user's behaviors to predict searches for them, and the latest one analyzes the structure of a

search query, to get the context of the keywords.

Although you cannot do much about Neural Matching and BERT, you should give priority to the quality of your content. However, in the case of RankBrain, you can do well if you pay attention to search intent and optimize it in your content.

For this purpose, you have to observe all the rankings and results against a particular query

and analyze what Google thinks is relevant.

Once you get a hold of it, you can create content on the same line.

Paid advertising will be another factor you need to consider. Since it is expensive, you have to build your brand name to gain a lead over others.

Google and Bing don’t give much importance to brand mentions with links because they know people do it for rankings.

So you must try to get relevant mentions, the linkless brand mentions.

You can leverage social media listening to find out where your name is showing up and for which product or service.

When you do this, you can reach out to your client directly.

Plus, you can create brand awareness by offering customer support in public.

At the same time, you can take a peek into what your competition is doing and target those areas of services and products to feature in the mentions.

However, make sure you don't stop direct interactions with your user base while

endeavoring to do other things. It can have a significant impact on your digital marketing


Since most of these things are quite technical and require a specialized approach, it’s better

that you take the help of a reputed SEO agency in New York. For example, you can get in

touch with New York SEO Office - Social Market Way.

An expert SEO company can come in handy for you in many ways.

The people who work there are knowledgeable and experts in

their field. They are up-to-date with what is happening and what can potentially happen.

So, they are, most of the time, ready with a solution or alternative to deal with anything new.

And even if they don’t know it immediately what to do, they can observe the trends and

strategize to work around the situation.

Additionally, you also don't need to lose your sleep over the digital aspect of your business

when the specialists take care of everything.

However, this should not make you feel that you would not be in the loop of things. You will have full control over the decisions while

they manage daily tasks.

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