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6 Ways to Boost Your Productivity This Year

We all suffer from the inescapable disease that is procrastination. Regardless of how pressing or essential a task may be, it is much easier to leave it to the last minute than to get it done promptly. 

While leaving it to the last minute may work out in the end, it is far from healthy. Increase your productivity this year by working on tasks consistently; that way, your stress levels will plummet too. 

Not sure how to boost your productivity? Well, here are some tips that may get you motivated.

Priority List

Take some time before working on your tasks to list them. As the things you need to do increase in number, you may easily forget about them or accidentally miss one. 

Please do your best to include your deadlines for these tasks, or arrange them according to how important or urgent they are.

Another useful trick is to add an estimate of how much time you think it will take you to complete a task on your list. 

Having a to-do list helps you to be productive in many ways. For one thing, seeing what needs to be done keeps you from being overwhelmed. 

It also helps to keep track of all that you are doing. Crossing an item out will give you a massive sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, which may even motivate you to complete more tasks.

Schedules and Deadlines

Another way to be productive is by coming up with a realistic work schedule.

Your plan does not have to include huge chunks of time blocked off solely for work. 

Do not forget that you need time to relax and rest as well.

Remember to include time for you to have lunch or even take a nap.

If your tasks do not have deadlines, set some for yourself. These do not necessarily have to be followed strictly but do help to get things done in the long run.

Deadlines also help you to prioritise your tasks accordingly.

Take Breaks

Always give yourself some time to move away from your work.

Getting stuck and spending too much time on a single task can easily consume and drain you, leaving you incapable of completing the job. 

Take five minutes off to stretch your legs, maybe slip into a couple of yoga poses.

At the very least, get yourself some water and keep yourself hydrated. 

You are the most critical part of the productivity equation. You need to be in the best shape to complete all the work you have to do.

Get Rid of Distractions

Once you are ready to get things done, make sure there is nothing to hinder you from doing your work physically.

Ideally, this means that your Internet connection should be off if you do not need it. 

Keep social media sites, and apps closed, turn off notifications and shut out as many external distractions as possible. 

Distractions also come from yourself. If you feel that there are personal obstacles in the way of being more productive, consider visiting a psychologist on the Gold Coast for help on mapping out your priorities and discuss any roadblocks to productivity.

No Multitasking

Multitasking is always framed in a positive light. However, this universally accepted truth does not come with much proof.

While it seems like you can get more done if you work on multiple things at once, the fact of the matter is, you could very well jeopardise all of them. 

Focus on one task and one task only. This way, at least one thing gets done no matter what. 

Set Goals

Once you have your list of tasks, you can easily set goals for yourself. One of the pitfalls of goal-setting is that they are often too vague. ‘Be more productive’ doesn’t mean much unless you determine guidelines for yourself. 

This is where making a list helps you. At the beginning of your day, tell yourself that you have to cross three tasks off your list, or something similar. 

You can break it down further by pledging to complete one big job and two small ones.

Set realistic targets so, at the end of the day, you can see how productive you have been.

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