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Blunders to Avoid While Optimizing Your Instagram Account for SEO to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Most marketers have got into the habit of striving relentlessly to help their websites to climb up the ranking ladder. However, not too many marketers and entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that search engine optimization techniques are effective and useful even beyond Bing, Google, and other such search engines.

SEO must be applicable to social networking platforms where it helps in effectively boosting an account, obtaining new followers, enhancing engagement rates and boosting overall sales.

In this context, we know that Instagram is just right for search engine optimization since it functions as a small but effective search engine hence; SEO is very much applicable and valid on this versatile platform. 

As per, with more than 1 billion monthly active users and over 500 million daily active users, Instagram is the second most popular and engaged social networking platform after Facebook.

We know that Instagram would be ranking well-optimized pages much higher and that should be attracting more active Instagram followers, driving engagement and enhancing page trust score. Thereafter, all this would be culminating in a relatively higher ranking.

Even though search optimization for Instagram pages may appear pretty simple and easy to achieve, often business owners and marketers make mistakes while optimizing a profile.

Let us discuss such blunders and learn effective ways of avoiding them in all your future campaigns.

Blunder no.1: Your Instagram Page Content Is Inconsistent 

One of the most important unwritten laws of managing your Instagram account is to generate a cohesive feed.

You must upload posts that are organized and structured well and are logical from the perspectives of timing, visual concept, hashtags, and captions. However, consistency and cohesiveness of content simply cannot be achieved by fluke overnight.

You need to be dedicated and must devote enough time to consider each caption, the entire grid layout style, the relevance of each tag and even posting frequency.

You could use Combin Scheduler, an effective tool meant for smart Instagram content planning so that you could streamline the entire process and effectively plan all your Instagram posts. Use this app for creating optimized captions, making diverse groups of hashtags, and editing your present Instagram campaign well in advance of publication.

Here are a few effective tips for generating a cohesive and consistent Instagram feed using Instagram content schedule:

For catering to your business objectives and aspirations, you must focus on publishing as frequently as possible and concentrate on maintaining consistent scheduling of posts

A regular posting frequency must be maintained. Even though there are no perfect posting occurrences and no ideal time for distributing the content.

However, you could strike the perfect balance and find the right timing by testing diverse approaches. For achieving consistency you need to focus on playing it right and investing your valuable time.

Try identifying some amazing B2B marketing instances and incorporate them seamlessly into your content stratagem. Remember to use cutting-edge tools for effective Instagram SEO.

It is a good idea to seek assistance and practice instead of posting irrelevant content on your Instagram page. In this context, you may buy 50 Instagram likes to entice your target audience.

Blunder No.2: You Are Not Changing the Location Tags

Brands that are running their businesses online or those offering global shipping generally commit this mistake. However, when your activity is restricted to a precise area, you would not be having too many options for location tags since you would be attracting an irrelevant audience.

However, some creative locations would be grabbing the audience's attention. In practically all other instances, if the business is not limited to a precise location and if you are aspiring to grab audience attention from diverse countries and cities, it is best to consider changing your location tags quite often.

Blunder no.3: Your Username Doesn’t Seem to Be Searchable

Your Instagram username should be a major keyword and it must necessarily be readable, short, and quite distinctive. You must try to assist your target audience in understanding what your unique username precisely means and avoid including any unrelated symbols in it.

The username must be written in precisely the language that your targeted audience would most probably search for it.

Stick to conventional SEO rules and your username must be sounding just like a common search query made by your target customer.

Blunder no.4: You Fail to Incorporate Keywords into Your Bio

Your Instagram bio seems to be an ideal place for incorporating relevant keywords including secondary and primary keywords. However, avoid overwhelming it with excessive keywords.

You must keep your Instagram bio crisp and readable. Remember that your Instagram bio would be helping your potential followers and customers to locate you on Instagram.

In this case, it is optimized well; your page would be visible among the top few search results.


Instagram SEO is certainly not rocket science.

You simply must focus on avoiding the blunders and applying your SEO expertise to social media promotion and marketing. You must concentrate on outperforming in digital marketing. Once you avoid these mistakes you could get the opportunity to stay well ahead of the competition.