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How Boosting Instagram Likes is Connecting Car Manufacturing with the Right Audience

The talk of the town for marketing, car dealerships and new purchases in the present day and age revolves around Instagram. Most automobile companies are looking for the support of the thriving Insta car community to generate revenue and profits. And why wouldn't they?

With over 5 million users of the photo and video sharing platform, an industry such as the automobile sector, which was always big on advertisement campaigns have realized the potential of leveraging a potent tool that is social media.

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From big brands to your local car dealerships, it seems like everyone is spending big on ad campaigns catered explicitly to the Instagram crowd to generate massive revenue for their ventures. 

So, how can car dealerships and brands connect with the local car communities through Instagram? Let us have a look. 


This is a very popular sub-genre of Instagram, where car owners and enthusiasts are all about how a vehicle handles the extremes of road and climatic conditions. There are photos and actual driving footage from various extreme terrains and other organized rallies from all across the world.

This is something SUV and ATV manufacturers should and can look into.

Road Trips

According to authentic car enthusiasts, there is nothing like a road trip to form a bond with your vehicle and test its endurance. User photos from cars or with the vehicle in the frame give manufacturers an idea about the preference of the type and comfort factor of the vehicles that can be improved upon depending on the nature of the road trip. 

Car Shows

The ever-popular segment, both in the real world as well as the virtual world, car shows are indeed the mecca for auto enthusiasts and car owners. Manufacturers can now engage audience members on live chat and other features with car shows, which presents with the unique in-the-moment experience from extremely genuine users. 


Here is another segment that is highly sought after. According to experts, most users watch videos to get an assessment regarding the performance and the features of a vehicle.

Auto dealerships and brands are therefore using videos of specific models to stoke the customer's interest with the various speed and safety features along with a real on-road performance of the car.

Crowdsourcing through social media

Instagram is also used for exchanging information from car owners, experts, and dealers, usually from the local area. This means audiences are looking for social proof. So, authentic quotes and real ratings from actual owners of a particular brand or model tagged into a post, is like a dream come true for auto dealers and brands. 

City driving fun

Here is a beast of an option. Crowded city commuters usually have posted regarding traffic snarls and gridlocks along with better posts like favorite haunts and spots to visit. Car manufacturers and brands often attract local customers through interactive conversations through information gleaned off Instagram.

Customer engagement through stories and location-based hashtags along with geotags can allow users to participate in polls to increase the engagement ratings and loyal base support.

You can even arrange for virtual test rides, which are slowly but surely gaining popularity as it allows a user to experience what it feels like to own your brand day-in-day-out. 

New Purchases

Buying is always high on the expense side of things but extremely exciting and satisfying. Car owners will often show their prized possession off on Instagram, and this is where the brand/dealership account comes into play. You can, with the permission of the customer, ask them to pose with their brand-new purchase for content on your platform. Tag the customer if need be, and it will increase the trust of the users in your brand as well as the inbound traffic. Photo features like this are great for audience engagement. 

The game is visual stimulation

By now, you might have already guessed it right! Car enthusiasts are all about pictures of automobiles, even the ones that are limited edition. A social experiment has proven that the quality of the image doesn't matter in some cases if the vehicle is a famous one or a vintage model.

Organizing a campaign to collect vintage car photos or showcasing the same from users can go a long way when you are looking to integrate Instagram the right way into your venture.

Some high-value Instagram and car hashtags to follow are #carlifestyle, #carsofinstagram, #carporn, #carspotting, #supercars. Keep in mind that you can even buy likes on Instagram to give your dealership account a boost for the long innings. Use the regular feed, stories, and live streams and reach all the segments of the audience through Instagram, the ad platform that has changed the game entirely. All it takes is to research your audience base and align your services the right way.