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How Smart Marketers are using Proven SEO Strategies to Boost their Campaigns

Even if you entrust your SEO campaign with some company or SEO expert in Singapore, you must have a good understanding of SEO to increase brand awareness and traffic significantly. Since most of the website traffic originates from searches, it makes it more important to have a better grip on SEO. To stay at the top of the game, the following strategies should work well.

Know your audience and what they want

To launch a forceful SEO campaign, you must have enough information about your target audience just as Google gathers user data to build a stronger search engine. Focus on what your customer or audience wants to serve then with appropriate content that meets their expectations.

By considering the audience's feedback, you can get an idea about the type of content to create.

To gather feedback from your audience, look at the posts that get the most shares, listen to the comments on your blogs, see your most popular pages in Google Analytics and use social media platforms like Quora.

All the information will help you understand what your target audience is talking about.

Optimize the landing pages for SEO

Landing pages designed well can drive more lead generation, and sales for which having multiple pages is always beneficial. Landing pages can generate a lot of income, and more are the number of landing pages higher are the conversions.

Businesses with 10-15 landing pages enjoy 55% higher conversions than those with 10 or less landing pages.

Again, businesses that have 40-50 landing pages experience 500% more conversions. Ensure that your landing page content is useful and have a tone of persuasion that encourages people to take the next step.

Create landing pages with a professional and modern design that makes the page unique and relevant to the audience.

Have a mobile-friendly website

Your website must look attractive and work well on all mobile devices because now mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches by many times, and maximum searches originate from mobile devices.

To reach out to the largest section of the audience, you must have a mobile-friendly website. It is no more a luxury to make your site look good on mobile devices, but it is now a necessity. WordPress users are likely to have a ready-made mobile-friendly site created with responsive web design.

Use infographics to grow your traffic

Infographics are popular because of their ability to display complex information in a user-friendly manner that is easy to understand.

Moreover, visual content has a higher appeal and quicker recall than text content. Good quality infographics can drive 193% more traffic, and the chances of reading infographics are 30 times higher than other types of content.

Use long-form content

Create exhaustive content that covers every aspect of the topic that conveys value to readers without trying to pack too much information within a small space.

Let the content take its own shape and length that satisfies your goal of sharing information. Long-form content outperforms short and sketchy content, and you must create content that the audience finds fulfilling.

Image, Pixabay CC0 License