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Help Your Small Business Guest Posts Get Published Easily

One of the time-tested SEO best practices is to form and publish guest posts on various targeted blogs. For this text, allow us to specialize in a specific target market, that of small business enterprises.

Why target small business?

These days, more and more people get laid-off due to the bad economic standing of pandemic-hit countries. Question is, where are they going next when the economy has turned bad? They create a touch commercial enterprise.

With social distancing as part the new normal, many startup businesses prefer to transact online. This apparent trend signals a move towards a more digital marketing approach.

According to digital transformation expert Homer Nievera, who is based within the Philippines, because the Covid 19 has no particular preferences on people it infects, the results of creating a replacement era of digital entrepreneurs. Probably not by choice, these new entrepreneurs are igniting the business landscape to maneuver faster in implementing digital transformation across operations, sales, marketing, and human capital.

Content Marketing and the facility of Guest Posts

For many years, content marketing has centered on the importance of getting guest posts as a neighborhood of SEO strategy. This is often said to have been triggered by the Gates digital marketing mantra that “Content is King.”

As blogs enable brands to talk on to their customers, guest posts (or guest blogging) amplifies that communication by sharing your content with other audiences. In fact, research shows that “94% of people who share posts do so because they think it would be helpful to others.” This creates a specific degree of credibility to your content during how that's recognized by search engines like Google.

Guest posting on certain blogs allows placement and recognition of multiple authors. Studies show that 62.96% of people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible. This actually rubs off on your brand.

Therefore, guest posting creates brand awareness and showcases your credibility and professional bearing as a business. This eventually contributes to raised online presence and funnels traffic to your website, where those visitors are often converted to leads, sales, and an ever-improving bottom-line.

Thus, blogging enables brands to talk on to their customers while guest posting amplifies that communication by sharing your content with other audiences.

How to Get Your Guest Posts Noticed and Placed

Words of caution: generally, the higher the domain authority, the more rigorous the editorial screening process. Just the same , you'd wish to attempt to to the present stuff to urge you guest posts noticed by the editor, and eventually have them posted:

1) Research blogs or sites that are popular among contributors

This may seem hard to undertake initially if you're just beginning to do guest posting. you simply need to start somewhere like going by topic and search on Google. Sometimes, by typing within the proper keywords, you'd get a listing .

Otherwise, attend Reddit or Quora and other forums to urge suggestions.

2) Make a listing of topics you'd wish to write down about and search the very best blogs for such topics

This seems like a logical approach. Listing all the possible topics allows you some flexibility in going around your target blogs and seeing if they fit.

3) Check the blogs' guidelines in guest post submission

There are indeed guidelines posted especially within the highest sites with high domain authority (or DA) that guest posters can follow. Others have guest posters to register and just submit their articles.

4) Pitch your topics

Pitching your topics would be easy if you already made a listing . Usually, emailing the editor or the designated contact will do the trick.

There are some ways to convince them to need you in. But the only thing to undertake to send a straight-forward email with the topics you've listed. Others go as far as pitching a finished writing. This is often also good because it cuts approval time.

Where to place Guest Posts

Many marketers will say that the more guest posts you place, the upper for your brand. this could be true in how but the important strategy there's WHERE to place them!

A lot of metrics will surface because the idea for guest post placement, relying on who says it, apart from that of Google.

The default principle of placing your guest posts is through high traffic sites. This, however, does not hold because the naked truth as more and more search engines highlight relevancy of content to the situation , blog and audience.

In the context of small business enterprises, guest posts should particularly target the same quiet audience. they'll be similarly small business owners or customers of small enterprises. Thus, to eliminate guesswork, many experts suggest placing your guest posts in sites that rank high in DA – or domain authority – or on sites with respectable PA (or page authority).

The number is basically an internet site Authority of 20 and above. Posts are getting to be more searchable if the blog or website wherein the guest post is placed ranks a minimum of 20 points on the MOZ domain authority scale. Google recognizes a way bigger searchable score for people that rank above 70 DA, but it’s not that easy to urge your content placed there because of competition, and yes, the worth of placement.

Google states that it penalizes an online site that does paid guest posting. But enforcing this one could also be a challenge. In fact, this “rule” has been in effect for several years now and still, proof of paid posts are hard to return by. On a practical note, Google makes money from advertising that's placed on top-ranking sites. If content strategies make sites rank high, do i think Google will interfere? That’s a problem that appeals to business sense.

Top 10 High DA Sites for Guest Posts for Small Business

1) Forbes

DA: 96

Topics: Business, Investing, Technology

2) Business Insider

DA: 95

Topics: Business, Media, Technology

3) Survey Monkey Blog

DA: 94

Topics: Market Research, Public Opinion, Small Business

4) Entrepreneur

DA: 93

Topics: Business, Entrepreneurship

5) Harvard Business Review

DA: 93

Topics: Business Management, Innovation, Leadership

6) Fast Company

DA: 92

Topics: Business, Technology, Innovation

7) Hubspot

DA: 90

Topics: Marketing, Sales

8) VentureBeat

DA: 90

Topics: Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship

9) Seeking Alpha

DA: 87

Topics: Markets, Investment

10) Kissmetrics

DA: 85

Topics: Customer Service, Marketing, Analytics

Top 10 Mid-Range DA Sites for Guest Posts for Small Business Enterprises

1) E Secret

DA: 40

Topics: Business, Business Ideas, Entrepreneurship

2) A Better Lemonade Stand

DA: 38

Topics: E-Commerce

3) Negosentro

DA: 36

Topics: Small Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship


DA: 35

Topics: Small Business, Entrepreneurship

5) Opportunities Planet

DA: 29

Topics: Online Business

6) Foodfinds Asia

DA: 28

Topics: Food Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship

7) Gogagah

DA: 27

Topics: Business, Technology, Innovation

8) World Executive's Digest

DA: 26

Topics: Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship


DA: 22

Topics: Asian Small Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship

10) Executive Chronicles

DA: 21

Topics: Business, Technology, Innovation

Now that you've seen the list we shared plus have been guided on how to submit your guest posts, hopefully, you start writing those topics so you'd be ready. Remember that having a good SEO position means being searchable to draw traffic and leads. Guest posting for your small business enterprise can help you a great deal!