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Virtues of Online learning during Covid-19 pandemic

COVID-19, the horror story for the year 2020,  a virus that has brought the world to its knees, any one of us can be vulnerable to the virus, so all of us should be worried about it.

This rapid spread of COVID-19 in the academic year 2019-2020, has been challenging for education and initial professional development. Over the last decade, online learning has seen massive growth, as the Internet and education gave people the ability to acquire new skills.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, online learning has become more essential in people's lives. Due to COVID-19, schools around the world have been closed. Approximately 1.2 billion children are out of class worldwide. As a result, education has changed significantly, with the widely recognized rise in e-learning, by teaching on digital platforms.

The study also shows that online learning increases information retention in less time. Many Institutions have started online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic like Icademy Middle East.  We deliver online classroom sessions according to the class schedule.

Our approach to learning is customized and flexible. At Icademy  Middle East, one of the best  American Schools in Dubai, we believe that all students should obtain an education that is appropriate to their skills, needs, and desires. Our flexible programs are also designed to support adults through self-structured study programs.

Our school has a fully developed and aligned curriculum with highly qualified teachers and administrators. The Dubai School Regulator has approved the first online school in Dubai's education history. Because of the Covid-19  pandemic, American International School Dubai named iCademy Middle East has also seen a "significant increase" in the number of enrollments as an accredited online school.

Our guidance to students and educators can be especially helpful for suggestions on how effectively we perform online training during the closing session. During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual education programs are useful because they have been set up to encourage students to take an active role and demonstrate their skills in using and selecting technologies for their learning objectives.

Students gather feedback to develop their abilities, adapt their learning environments, and promote collaboration.

Online learning methods promote student-centered learning in this COVID 19 situation because it is easy to manage. Moreover, it offers opportunities for higher education to provide services, leverage technology to reduce the burden on teachers, and enhance the knowledge that is best suited to the maintenance of student involvement.

Increasing the prevalence of online learning, students' experience, and the revealing of their prospects and preferences are particularly important in this time of trouble. It requires a greater awareness about the importance of teachers' role and the role of families.

Parents should be advised to provide better assistance to their homeschooled children. In these challenging circumstances, the motivation of students to follow the online education system becomes much more significant.

Virtues of online learning

 The benefits of online education include eLearning, comfort, accessibility, efficiency, and the preservation of academic standards.

Online classes make learning more flexible, which in turn increases the diversity of higher education. Many students require this flexibility in their schedules and modules to access education.  Online courses attract millennia who are technically appealing and can consume large volumes of information supplied by digital technologies.

Online education is a system to implement, whether you are a child or an adult. This may be a valuable way for a student to learn to refine his or her skills on a challenging subject or to learn a new skill.

Students should comply with their current obligations and can interact with digital content and learning materials at any time they find it most convenient.  Students don't have to go anywhere to know a particular thing, they can only log in to a virtual campus, from the comfort of their home or place of work.

The impact of coronavirus on education will go beyond the present situation. Schools may not return to what they were before the global pandemic, and the learning boom from this time will impact the new education experience with significant influence.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading worldwide, schools that decide to implement online learning will probably have challenges.

Since schools and teachers gain online education expertise in this challenging period, they are likely to learn useful strategies to promote the management of potential school closings.iCademy Middle East helps ensure that your children have a flexible, personalized, and high-quality curriculum that prepares them for higher education, as well as for further education and life outside the university.

Enhance your children's access to quality teaching and learning by videoing our comprehensive, K-12-degree multimedia set that is accessible at different levels. Anyhow the innumerable virtues of online learning when the whole world is confronting with the deadly COVID -19 pandemic, can never be ignored.

Students now have the golden chance to continue their studies even staying at home through online learning which is vital for them to explore new and better ways to use technology.