The Ultimate Guide To Coaching U-12 Soccer Teams Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Soccer coaches and trainers seeking to skyrocket your team’s development and skills fast can now benefit greatly from the new soccer coaching book for U12 called “The Ultimate Guide to Coaching U12 Soccer Teams: The All-in-One Simple Solution from Pre-Season Planning to Complete Session Plans.“ The guide is authored by Mark Higginbotham and Eric Vogel, who are both seasoned and licensed soccer coaches. They created this guide to help coaches expand their session collection, grow their coaching knowledge, stay organized and save time.

How does this soccer coaching guide do that?

By offering specific strategies on how best to connect with and coach U-12 players, providing full color 3D visual sessions with step by step coaching points, including a collection of very useful coaching templates and tools and so much more! Currently available for pre-order, “The Ultimate Guide to Coaching U-12 Soccer Teams” is the perfect companion for any coach seeking to expand their coaching knowledge. The 209 page guide is packed with everything you need to become a knowledgeable and effective coach. This all new soccer coaching guide will be a great addition to any coaches collection looking to take their personal education and team to a new level.

By pre-ordering “The Ultimate Guide to Coaching U-12 Soccer Teams” before December 15th, you get instant digital gifts, plus, entry into the grand prize drawings! The first 100 pre-orders are going to receive an email immediately that will provide access to the top three coaching webinars as well as 10 soccer drill videos. All you need to do is follow 4 easy steps to get the instant gifts and be entered in the drawing for coaching prizes. Bulk orders for schools, leagues or clubs are going to receive even more exclusive free coaching bonuses!

About The Ultimate Guide to Coaching U-12 Soccer Teams:

The Ultimate Guide to Coaching U-12 Soccer Teams is a soccer coaching guide designed specifically to provide soccer coaches with an all-in-one simple solution from pre-season planning to complete session plans for U-12 teams. This guide was developed by Mark Higginbotham and Eric Vogel to provide beginner, intermediate and advanced coaches with everything they need for coaching a U-12 soccer team.

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