Buying from Video Conferencing Distributors vs. Sourcing Solutions Yourself

In today’s globalised market, the idea of having everyone in the same room for an important meeting is antiquated and out of date. Advancements in video conferencing technology allow people from around the world to converse and interact with each other as though they were face to face. Video conferencing equipment saves businesses unnecessary interstate and international travel costs, as the power of the internet enables them to conduct affairs from all corners of the earth.

Of course, to ensure effective and productive meetings, it helps to have superior quality video conferencing equipment. The big decision is whether to buy from video conferencing distributors or whether to source the equipment yourself. This article will take a look at the benefits of the former option.

The Key Benefits of Using Video Conferencing Distributors

While sourcing your own video conferencing equipment might leave you feeling like you have ownership of the process, sometimes trusting in the expertise and knowledge of a specialist video conferencing distributor cannot be overlooked. A distributor can present you with worthy options that enable you to conduct productive and effective meetings using technology that doesn’t waste the business’ time or money. Sourcing the equipment yourself not only wastes time that could be better spent in other areas of the business, but it also means you could be influenced by biased information on different pieces of equipment.

A Greater Range of Products at Their Disposal

A video conferencing distributor with industry connections is likely to have access to a wider range of products that aren’t always advertised or even available to the public. Should they choose to use their connections to your advantage, you could stand to gain from having access to industry leading technology that makes doing business interstate and across the globe infinitely easier. When sourcing equipment yourself, you’re often limited to what is available on the market to everyone – unless you happen to have your own connections to equipment suppliers who can provide you with equipment that meets or surpasses your needs.

Potential for Price Discounts that May Not Otherwise be Available to the Public

Mostly free from the shackles of pricey overheads, staff wages and other costly expenses, video conferencing distributors can occasionally set their prices far more competitively than retail outlets. This is because they don’t have the additional costs that retailers often have to pass down to customers. By going through a distributor, you could enjoy savings that might not be available to members of the public looking for that same equipment.

All in All

For cost-effective, efficient international business to take place in 2017, it's crucial for businesses to install quality video conferencing equipment that enables a productive meeting with fluid conversation to take place. While it might be tempting to independently source the equipment yourself, the benefits that come from going through video conferencing distributors – particularly when it comes to advising, product range, and price – cannot be ignored.