Anavex Life Science Stock

March 31, 2017

Avanex Life Sciences Corporation, also known as AVXL, stole the show last week when its shares soar by 9.79%. Since January 2017, the share trends of AVXL stock are quite impressive, with values that do not go under $5.5 per share. In the second week of March, Anavex Life Science closed almost all days on $5.8. The last trade at the time of this report was noted on March 30. The last stock price recorded was $5.76.

2017 has opened marvelously for Anavex Life Sciences Corp. The company is trading at market cap of $239.46 million. Since January 2016, AVXL has marked various fluctuations in the stock price, ranging from $2.43 to $8.30 in 2016, and $4.50 to $7.83 in 2017. March 13th was one of the most remarkable days for the company, with 2,143 trades and volume of 788,612 shares. In the third week of March, Anavex had a low of 1.2% in the share price. On March 30, 483,040 shares were traded whereas the average daily volume of the traded shares since past 50 days is 691,390.

Center of The Great Finance Debate

The past 18 months of the journey of Anavex Life Science has made it a center of attention and a hot topic of the Great Debate in the finance industry. From the financing techniques to modern science theories, new research studies, and management, the company has attracted all eyes towards it. 2017 has proved to be a good year for the investors. AVXL stocks have fallen by 25% as compared to 2016 stock prices. The stocks are not expected to fall any further, which makes it a good time to invest in the Anavex Life Sciences stock. In 2016, the stock increased by 180% as compared to 2015, which led to decreased interest of the investors in AVXL.

The Bull’s Success

Around 5 million Americans are living with the Alzheimer’s disease, having small chances of improvement with the given medicines in the pharmaceutical market at the moment. The Alzheimer’s Association has revealed that Alzheimer and dementia’s treatment costs may count up to $236 billion a year if serious action is not taken to cure the epidemic. The lead candidate of Anavex, 2-37 has shown dramatic improvement in the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. The medicine works on the sigma receptors to restore the association between mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum. The first clinical trials revealed amazing results in the patients. In financial terms, this clinical success turned out to be a bull’s success for AVXL, leading to it’s fired up to share prices. The trials were completed in late 2016. The bull’s success is quite evident, comparing the AVXL stocks opening in 2016 with its opening in 2017.

Operating as a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, Anavex Life Sciences Corporation has been working on the common diseases in America, which also trigger other physical and psychological problems in the patient and caretakers. These include Alzheimer’s and diseases related with central nervous system. The company has its head office in New York.