AAT Short Courses in Bookkeeping

AAT Short Courses in Bookkeeping

Being the capital city of the UK and the UK’s centre for business, banking and much more you are right in assuming that jobs in finance, book keeping, accounting and similar fields are all quiet plentiful in London. However having the skills and qualifications to get these sort of jobs or even make it to the interview stage is just not doable with a degree right?

Wrong! While it might seem like there’s no way to get a job in finance without a degree the real truth is that you don’t need a degree or to spend years studying to get yourself a job in London’s finance industry.

The Benefits of an AAT Short Course

A short AAT course will give you all the knowledge you need and a professional qualification quickly, so you can start applying for jobs while the knowledge is fresh in your mind. Studying for degree can take a minimum of three years at undergraduate level alone and there’s also the cost to consider.

While an AAT short course in London will take much less time usually between 6 months to a year, leaving you with much more time to actually begin your career. They’re also much more flexible than degree level courses so you’ll also have time to get more work experience while you study alongside your AAT course.

AAT Classroom courses in London will equipped you with all the knowledge needed to start you on your career and ensure you have a strong foundation to build upon. You also have the benefit of having everything you’ve learnt fresh in your mind, after three years studying for a degree you might be surprised by what you forget.

An AAT Short Bookkeeping Course covers many areas including: finance administration, booking, accounting and more! With an AAT short course you will not only get a professionally recognised qualification more quickly you’ll also ensure you have knowledge of everything in the finance sector fresh in your mind. Everything from experience using professional accounting software, business communication, finance administration and much more.

Finance jobs in London (especially entry level positions) will require applicants to a have a wide pool of knowledge about all the areas assorted with finance. This could include areas like: book keeping, auditing and more, while degrees typically take focus only on one aspect of an industry. So an AAT short course in London will also ensure you have knowledge of the finance industry as a whole, rather than just a single area of it.

AAT Classroom Courses London – Who Are They For?

Our AAT short courses will teach you everything you could need to know and we provide a varied range of short courses in London that will suit all types of people including both younger people looking for alternatives to longer more costly degree courses and people who already work in finance but who want to take the next step in their careers.

If you already work full time in an unrelated field but have always wanted to work in finance then an AAT short course is also ideal for you. Like we said finance jobs in London are plentiful so if you’ve always wanted to change careers to work in finance then a London AAT short course offers you a flexible way to learn the skills you need to know.

With an AAT short course you can work and study around your family life and continue working your current job in the meantime. The flexible approach to learning makes an AAT short course perfect for full time workers or people with busy family and social lives.

So in short AAT short courses in London are perfect for everyone! Whether you’re looking for an alternative to long and costly university course or want to change your current career, if you’re interested in any area of finance then an AAT short course is sure to benefit you immensely.

An AAT short course will be sure to boost your employment prospects and offers excellent value for money. From foundation qualifications that can be completed within 6 months to advanced diplomas and more there’s a wide range of AAT short courses in London to suit anyone looking to make a career in the world of finance.