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Robert Oblon Restores Hope That All People Have The Right to Pursue Happiness!

Greenwood, Indiana [July 2nd, 2020] – Robert Oblon, a world-renown thought leader in the conversation between physical health and mental happiness launches HAPInss Brands Nutritional Science Systems.

AmpLifei International, through its hassle-free eCommerce Platform is the exclusive marketing and distribution partner of HAPInss Brands, patent-centered line of products..

As an innovator in discovering the connection between gut health and emotional wellness, Oblon understands the importance of empowering and helping people to “Amplifei” all areas of their lives. 

“Over the years, I’ve learned the most valuable lesson in life is that we don’t sell products, we provide an avenue of hope in a post trust era, said Oblon.” I just simply realized that one’s hope is their pursuit of happiness; And my #1 purpose is to provide the products, methods and tools to help people realize their personal pursuit of happiness.”

Robert Oblon is a highly sought-after speaker, and has been featured in leading news and information journals. Oblon has previously co-founded two groundbreaking companies, WorldVentures, arguably the largest travel agency across the Globe, and  Elepreneurs, a Gig Economy leader in the health and wellness sector, and now part of Sharing Services Global Corporation, a PubCo trading on the OTC exchange.  

Robert Oblon has recently secured on behalf of HAPInss Brands™ the world-wide exclusive to the first of its kind product called BiomeIX™, a unique form of Tributyrin. Although HAPInsss’s flagship product lines center on gut health and healing, HAPInss Brands™ will be focusing on products and services which provide a well-balanced healthy and happy family lifestyle.

About AMPLIFE & HAPInss Brands

Amplifei International ( is a health and wellness lifestyle company serving freelance entrepreneurs in the Gig Economy. 

HAPInss Brands™ ( is a technology company providing people with the latest technological advances specific to amplifying the state of well being, also known as happiness.

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