Top 3 Reasons to try out these detox food patches

Last year, as part of a major overhaul to my formerly consumerist, gluttonous, avaricious series of lifestyle choices, I stuck two weird foot patches to my feet. They’re made in Japan and they work. Here are three reasons I like them so much.

1. Innovation

Innovation is like invention. It’s when you take a thing or idea that is already invented and change it for the better. Most people think of innovation as being like the time some guy thought to add a clock to a radio. Though that does count as innovation, I like to think of it more as the process of creating Golden Rice, or other GMO procedures that resulted in the feeding of billions more people on the earth.


It’s not often talked about now, but overpopulation was a major concern in the 1970s. It was thought that we’d not have enough food to feed all the new people who would be born before the turn of the millennium.


A researcher named Norman Borlaug almost single-handedly solved all that by pioneering agricultural practices that resulted in bigger fruits and vegetables, and thus greater crop yields that would go on to feed billions more than they ever had before.


These detox foot patches from Japan are an innovation that, on a smaller scale, are solving the modern problem of toxicity in our environment. Our water and air are full of heavy metals and other toxins that are changing our DNA and risking our health and wellness.


I could not escape my environment, so I had to pursue alternative methods of detoxifying my body. My daily practice of putting a patch on each foot in the morning, and peeling them off at night has been an integral part of my detox routine.

2. Science

Science works. The history of science has always been about getting results from trial and error. Dispassionately searching under every rock for something that will disprove an idea (instead of looking only for evidence to support our biases) has led to the most vigorous and refined library of good ideas the word has ever seen. That is modern science.


I always scientifically scrutinize new ideas. In my search for health and wellness, I always appreciated services and products that included scientific evidence to back up their claims.

3. Seeing is believing

When you try out the patches, take a good look at them at the end of the day. When you remove a patch you had stuck to your foot for an entire day, it looks…..pretty gross. It’s remarkable how much toxic waste these things leech from your system.


The eggheads behind the research and development of this product include an analysis of the used patches. Turns out they are full of heavy metals and other toxic debris.

I still have a ways to go in my transition to healthy living. But, I’ve settled on a good system for limiting the junk that goes into my body, and strategies for taking out whatever gets in. The foot patches work well in that system.