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4 Best iPhone Apps for iPhone 10

iPhone is one of the most famous and costly phone brands in the world. Every year many iPhone users wait for new iPhone release to replace their old phones with new ones. Apple announces the date of their new iPhone release on the internet at the start of every year.

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If you are also crazy about iPhone, then here are some applications you must download on your iPhone 10.

4 Apps for iPhone 10

iPhone 10 was released in November 2017 and received much love all around the world. Majority of the customers waited for long hours in the line. Here are some applications designed or changed to fit best with the new iPhone. You can download these on your phone anytime.

Edison Mail

Apple has launched its own email application with the release of iPhone 10. Edison Mail is iPhone’s special email application that is faster than any other email application, lighter on the OS, full of new features, and free to download. It comes with some amazing features like flight tracking, sorting techniques and much more.


Bitmoji is one of the coolest avatar applications in the market. It is specifically designed with some new features for iPhone 10 in 2018. You can dress your emoji in different clothes and make him or her look more attractive than before. It comes with an option to change the whole getup of the emoji.

iPhone does not bound you to send the emoji to only iPhone specific applications. You can copy, paste and send these emoji to anyone with any messaging application you want.

Dark Sky

The traditional weather application of the iPhone was good but with Dark Sky, you get some new features and better services. It gives you the freedom to see the weather of any climate by zooming in or out. With perfect weather predictions, you know when you will need to carry an umbrella in your bag.

Kitchen Stories

There are many application focusing on cooking edge for iPhone users but Kitchen Stories is unique and new in the market. It allows you to watch videos or images of any recipe like other apps but unlike them it also lets you sync your WatchOS and grocery list with the items needed for the recipe. Moreover, it has a great compatibility with Apple TV as well.

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