Byerley Services

Fences, Gates, Garage Doors and Ironworks – Byerley Services is Your Trusted Company

As a homeowner, you certainly want what’s best for your property. So if you are planning on putting up a wooden, chain-link or vinyl fence in Oklahoma City, you want to have the best service available in your area. Byerley Services is a company that has been providing excellent services to the community of Oklahoma City and surrounding areas for more than three decades. They cater to residential, commercial and industrial properties, offering installation, repair, and maintenance of gates, fences, garage doors, and ironworks. They use the best brands and offer competitive prices. They are the company you can trust and rely on.

Since 1985, Byerley Services has been in operation, giving the company decades of experience in dealing with different kinds of projects, different budgets, and different types of clients. The company is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on honesty and integrity. Their team is composed of highly trained and well-experienced contractors who will treat every project as if it were in their own home, business or industrial complex. They believe that their continued existence is due to the trust and confidence of past and recurring clients who gladly share their name to family, friends and neighbors. Thus, they always strive for customer satisfaction for every project they are entrusted with. 


One of the main expertise of the company is fencing service. They install, repair and maintain wooden, chain-link and vinyl fence in Oklahoma City. Wooden fence is the classic choice as it is not only beautiful but also very versatile. It can be stained and painted and will go with almost any type of house. It gives your property the protection and the privacy you are looking for. An alternative to wooden fence is vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) which is made from synthetic materials. It is a kind of plastic that can replicate wood in terms of durability and appearance. In fact, quality vinyl fences can even last longer than its wood counterpart since these do not rot or decay, are non-permeable and are resistant to the damaging effects of sun, rain and snow. Additionally, vinyl is a practically maintenance-free.

The third type of fence that the company offers is chain-link fence. This is commonly seen in commercial and industrial complexes or even in homes as a simple means of lining boundaries. This is utilitarian in design and economical in cost. It provides security and durability while maintaining an open feel. Byerley Services offers chain-link fences coated in weather resistant vinyl which come in black, green or dark brown. Nonetheless, you can request any color of choice.

To match your fences, they also install gates and other entrances. They specialize in automatic gate operators, telephone entry systems, security doors and driveway gates –all makes and models. With current developments in the industry, they employ special coating technology such as galvanizing and powder coating that protect your steel gates from decay. They also cater to iron wrought iron gates if you choose for a more classic style. 

Another expertise of their team is garage door repair in Oklahoma, City. Garage doors are very common in many properties, be it residential, commercial or industrial. In most cases, these serve as main entrances that take up a huge part of the external surface of the property, thus affecting its overall appearance and curb appeal. If your garage door in not in its best condition, it does not only make your home less attractive but it also puts yourself and your family at risk for accidents and any intruder, human or animal. Thus, whenever you are having problem with your garage door, it is best to have it checked by the experts at Byerley Services because they surely have the right solution for your problem. 

Additionally, if you are in the processes of building a home and are in need of a garage door, the company offers several options you can choose from. You can pick the material, color, window design, and all. You can check out their website for a few examples. Also, their team does garage door upgrades, an investment that pays for itself. 

Finally, Byerley Services is also a reliable service provider of fabricated ornamental ironworks. If you have a design in mind, whether for your outdoor fence, staircase railing, or as a décor piece for your home, they offer the highest level of craftsmanship. 

From fences, gates, ironworks and garage door repair in Oklahoma City, you can definitely rely on the expertise of Byerley Services. For more details on the services they offer, you can visit their website,, or give them a call at 405.769.3251.