Spice Up Your Home with Custom Cabinets at Showcase Cabinetry

Michigan – There are plenty of people who are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of their home. A great option to add a new look to each room is by adding different styled cabinets which is an investment that many homeowners want to treasure forever. Cabinets are especially used for storing and stacking a variety of things, and they are normally placed in either the kitchen bathroom, or in any other parts of the room. If the cabinets that you have seen in the market are not your style, you can always work with cabinet markers in Michigan to help you design custom cabinets.

If you have a specific design in mind, you can look for cabinet makers who can provide you with a variety of materials to choose from in order to create your custom cabinets in Michigan. They work with several instruments and materials to create exactly what you want. Some of the materials that they work include wood, steel, aluminum, and many more. You can even ask them to get some of the best innovative designs that are out there in the market.

At Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. they offer complete custom cabinetry services to help you create a brand new look for your kitchen, bathroom, bar, or any other room. They have extensive knowledge of proper cabinet construction and installation. Each one of their orders are personally coordinated starting from the date of your order up until the date of delivery and installation. They offer several types of materials to choose from including oak, maple, knotty pine, cherry woods, hickory, and more. They even have unlimited stain colors as well as painted and glazing colors. When it comes to door styles, they also have over 100 choices.

When you are looking for cabinetry, it is best to remember that the back of the cabinets and the bottom of the drawers are what make up a good quality cabinet. Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. makes use of ½ inch plywood on the back of their cabinets and ½ inch plywood on the bottom of their drawers. On the other hand, most of their competitors make use of ¼ inch particleboard. Since their cabinet makers have the ability to make cabinets of all sizes, there is no need for unwanted fillers.

Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. has cabinets available to everyone including residential and commercial customers. When making customized cabinets, they make sure to not simply do the work and deliver. However, they always go out of their way to sit down with each one of their customers to listen to their needs and desires. That way, they can assist them, provide them with options, and even give their own suggestions for the best possible outcome. They are strongly committed to their customers to ensure total quality and satisfaction. Their team of professionals consider it a privilege to assist you any and all areas of your cabinetry needs. Not only do they work with your vision, but they also work with your budget.

Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. was first established back in 1997 by owner Ken Daugherty, who had many years of cabinet experience. When he finally decided to branch out, their team agreed to provide their customers with nothing but good customer service, high quality cabinets, and competitive prices which is what has made them a total success. They also believe that they should treat their customers the way they would want to be treated.

Their cabinets are built with high end materials and they are often asked how they can sell cabinets that are cheaper than their competitors who make use of lower grade materials. Their main answer is that they rely on customer referrals and do not end up spending any money on advertising. They let their work do all the talking. They feel that every job that they have ever done is just another showroom for them and they take great pride in their craftsmanship so that you and their customers will spread the word to their family and friends.

With over 25 years in the industry, their cabinet markers in Michigan are constantly looking for ways to improve and exceed their customers’ expectations. Visit Showcase Cabinetry’s showroom or call them today at 810-798-9966 to schedule for your free estimate. You may also visit their website at to browse their gallery.