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The Insurance Man Cometh: Interactive dinner theatre production of Old West Melodrama -- Friday, Feb. 9 through Saturday, Feb. 24

Old West Melodrama is preparing to bring a crowd-favorite back to the stage Puffabelly’s Depot Restaurant in Old Town Spring.


In the company’s original play, audience members will meet hero Dashing Dan and heroine Purity Pureheart, a young couple trying to scratch out a living running a hotel in Gopher Gulch.


When Purity inherits $500 from her deceased father, villains Ponzie Makeoff and Dee Lylah happen to come into town with a huge insurance scam. The townspeople’s only hope lies in Purity’s mother Lavender Bouquet, who must convince Rook, an aged ex-con and former hitman, to come out of retirement and foil the duo’s plans. 


“It’s up to the mother-daughter duo to turn the tables on the villains,” producer Jeannine Cole said. “And you can watch all the action and suspense from your table, over dinner. Will Purity lose her inheritance? Will Lavender renew her love with her old flame, Rook? Come join us and find out.”


The play was written by Old West Melodrama’s late founder, Joe Cole, with his daughter Jennifer Adams.


The show opens on Friday, Feb. 9 and performances continue Friday and Saturday evenings through Saturday, Saturday, Feb. 24.


The play will be held at Puffabelly’s Depot Restaurant, 100 Main St. in Spring, with dinner and a pre-show starting at 7 p.m. Purchasing dinner is required to attend the show. The melodrama begins at 8 p.m.


The dinner theatre is an interactive experience – and popcorn throwing and audience participation are encouraged.