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“100 under $100 and the Sweet Suite 300”

Pioneer Square’s ’57 Biscayne fifth annual "100 under 100" show scheduled Thursday, Oct. 4

It’s been three years since an unlikely team joined, consisting of an artist and a developer, to buy a building and empowercreative, making them entrepreneurs and innovators instead of endangered wildlife in need of saving. 


This October, you can become part of the effort – and put your money where your mouth is to support this mission. Become a new collector and invest in the local cultural economy, without breaking the bank. 


For one night only, you can swing into ’57 Biscayne and walk out with top-notch local art, all priced to sell.  


The studio complex located in the Good Arts Building, 110 Cherry St. in Pioneer Square, is preparing to host its fifth annual “100 under $100” art show from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 4. 


This year’s event promises to be bigger and better – with more art on display and more studios to explore. 


The premise is simple -- 100 pieces of original art will be on display, each available for less than $100.     


This year, additional selection of works priced under $300 will be on view on the third floor for “Sweet Suite 300.”


“We’re celebrating the expansion of our artist studios into the former corporate offices on the third floor,” ’57 Biscayne founder and artist Jane Richlovsky said. “Now there’s even more work to snatch up and more space to mingle with lots of fabulous guests.”


Available work will include original drawings, small paintings, photographs, lithographs, mixed media constructions, tin collages and more. 


Collectors can meet the artists and take home their work the same night. 


Two new large-scale installations by two ’57 Biscayne artists, Savina Mason and Lin Lin Mao, will debut in the stairwells of the building. Renowned pianist Victor Janucz will be serenading the crowd with jazz and pop standards all evening. 


“We’ll have little-seen gems by local artists at every stage of their careers,” Richlovsky said. “Last year, people were fighting over a drawing by an 8-year old. This year, there will be two dozen open studios to explore. This only happens once a year, and collectors are often hanging around outside the door before we open, to get first dibs on original, affordable art."


Richlovsky founded ’57 Biscayne in 2011 to offer affordable workspaces for her fellow evictees of the storied 619 Western arts building and to maintain the presence of artists in Pioneer Square. A few years later, she teamed up with developer Greg Smith, Ali Ghambari of Cherry Street Coffee, and theatrical engineer Steve Coulter to buy the building, with the mission of providing additional affordable space for creation, promotion, and exhibition of a broad range of artistic endeavors. 


The first floor of the Good Arts Building is dedicated to "human scale retail", anchored by H.Bailey, a curated resale shop, featuring menswear for all.


The store will have “100 pieces under $100 each” in honor of the building theme. Pieces will represent a mix of vintage and contemporary. 


In addition, master tailor David P, a new addition to the building, will be on hand to talk about the art of tailoring, his services and bespoke suiting.


Three artists will be featured on the first floor – metal artist Addison Rain presenting an expanded collection of gender-diverse jewelry in silver and brass, Obed Rosas’ psychedelic oil paintings with a graffiti edge and Scott Burnett with deeply layered, abstract expressionist acrylics.


In addition, an open studio event will be held. “Not Quite Ready Yet” will feature 

figurative paintings by Ieva Ansaberga and black and white photography by Aris Vrakas. Both contemporary artists use “old-school” techniques to explore emotions and help alleviate the anxiety of being.


For more information about ’57 Biscayne, visit