Alice Halloran

Woodworking Table Saw Safety Tips

If you have just bought the best table saw for home use, then we will show you a few tips and techniques that can help you make the most of the table saw. With the various accessories, you can be able to make straight and clean cuts in your project. Here are some table saw tips:

  • Make Use of Feather boards

Feather boards are important accessories that you can have with your best rated table saw. This will allow you to make straight cuts as it helps you to hold the piece of wood down against the fence. When you are having difficulties making straight cuts, you should make use of the feather boards to save your fingers from holding the wood tightly. With the feather boards, it should be relatively easy to push and pull the forward to make the cuts that you desire.

  • Use Out feed Support for Rip Cuts

When you need to make rip cuts on long pieces of boards, you should make use of out feed table support. It is almost impossible to be able to make a clean and smooth rip cut on a very long piece of stock. When it comes to the other end, your best budget table saw may not be adequate. The good news is that even when you do not have an out feed table saw, you can easily set up a simple one using clamps and plywood.

  • Miter Gauge and Fence for Smoother Crosscuts

The miter gauge does not provide great support for crosscutting when you are using the best value table saw. If you need to make a smooth cut, you should attach the fence to the miter gauge. This will be most useful for straight pieces of wood. When using the fence and the miter gauge at the same time, you should always ensure that you are pushing the wood and the fence past the blade so as to avoid issues of kick back.

  • Protect Your Fingers with Push Sticks

When making cuts, you may be tempted to guide your wood using your fingers. This is can be quite dangerous as you may end up cutting your fingers. To prevent this, you should use a number of push sticks and ensure that you are guiding the stock through the best table saw for the money. The push stick is designed in such a manner that it will hook properly to the board that needs to be cut. As such, you will be able to hold the table firmly, while pushing it to make a straight cut. It is advisable to have different sets of push sticks so that you can use the best option for the boards that you are cutting through.

The best table saw will give you a whole range of benefits when you apply these tips and tricks that are shared in this guide. This is meant to help you make the most of the table saw and achieve smooth and neat cuts at all times. For Mote Information about Table saw Safety Tips and trick Check here