Alice Halloran

Portable Basketball Hoop Maintenance Guide

The basketball hoop is definitely a great addition in your home backyards. It will to enjoy playing the game and keep your body fit at the same time. If you have invested on a portable basketball hoop then you should know the process of maintenance of the hook. The basketball hoop requires a careful maintenance to keep it in shape for a long time. Here are 5 steps to maintain your basketball hoop easily.

1.   Keep the basketball hoop clean

As the portable basketball hoops are movable, you may change the location of the hoop several times. As a result, they consume dirt and germs on a large scale. So that you need to keep the hoop clean to keep its hygiene. Clean the hoop on a routine basis. There is some important part including rim, backboard, pole, etc. need to clean much often. 

You will not need any special solution to clean the hoop. You can simply use the normal detergent or glass cleaning solution. If you have vehicle cleaning solution in the home then you can also use. It will help to minimize corrosion. The main parts of the hoop include pole, rim, and backboard and you must clean these properly.

2.   Take proper care of the Rim

The most important part of portable basketball hoops is its rim. Normally, the rims are one of the first parts of the basketball hoop that become defective. However, the rim should stay longer if you don’t use it aggressively. Besides, tough weather can also damage the rim especially the windy storms. So you should take it off during the bad weathers. Also, check and fix the rim spring whenever needed to get a better playing experience.

Hanging on the rim is another big reason which damages the rim. Rims are constructed with various materials and you can know the rim material from the manual. If the rim is constructed with strong material and if the warranty policy allows hanging on the rim then you can hang on it freely.

3.   Prevent it from rusting

Rusting is one of the common problems that most of the portable basketball owner faces often. Rusting destroy the strength and the beauty of the hoop. So you must be careful about the issue. Rust is normally caused by the bad weathers. Normally the rust is caused by the wet or moist weather. Storing the basketball hoop in a safe place during bad weather condition not only keeps it safe from damages but also prevent rusting.

As the portable basketball hoop is easy to move, you should take it to a drought place to keep it rust free. However, most of the basketball hoops are comes with flexible features and if you don’t have enough space for storing the hoop then you can simply de-assemble it for storing. The easiest thing you can do is covering the whole hoop during these weather conditions.

4.   Replace the net when needed

Net is an important part of the basketball hoop and it also needs maintenance. The portable basketball hoop remains under the sun all day long mostly and the heat affects the net. Besides, other weather facts also affect the strength of the net. As a result, sometimes you will find the net unusable and you will need to change the net. Normally, the net will need to be replaced in every 1 to 5 years.

There are a lot of brands which manufacture basketball net and you have a wide variety of choices to choose from. However, keep in mind that the quality of the basketball net is very important whether you choose. You can also ask for advice from the hoop manufacture in the time of replacing the net.

5.   Follow the user guide and warranty policy

Most of the well-known brands provide warranty for the portable basketball hooks. Make sure that you have read and know the warranty guideline for the product. The guideline should include clear information about the warranty coverage. Also, read the user manual that comes with your hoop to understand the proper way of cleaning and maintaining the hoop.

Nothing lasts forever and the same rule is applicable for the portable basketball hoops. However, with proper maintenance and careful use, it should stay for some additional years. Hopefully, the above guide will help you to understand the process of maintaining the portable basketball hoop properly. If you want to know more tips and tricks about Basketball Hoop Click to learn more