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Carpet Repairs and Cleaning at Dry Fresh Plus LLC

If you are looking for the best way to restore your carpets from holes, tears, or stains, then keep on reading! While you might think it is impossible to restore the aesthetic value of your carpets, there is actually some hope. In order to do this, it is advised to work with a reputable service provider who can do your carpet repairs in Johns Creek, GA. Many people often think that they can do the repairs on their own or that they might need to replace it, but professionals have the proper tools and know the best procedures in order to bring your carpet back to its original state.

While many believe that they can do carpet repairs on their own and save some money in the process, it can actually be a risky job especially if they do not have the knowledge or skills for it. Your carpeting can be an expensive investment, and the last thing you will want to do is to cause more harm. Some carpets are even family heirloom and they are priceless, which is why it is advisable to leave the job to the professionals rather than a DIY.

If your carpet is looking worn out or has wrinkles, then let Dry Fresh Plus LLC help you with your carpet repairs in Johns Creek, GA. They can restore your carpeting to its optimal appearance. They have served homeowners, commercial businesses, and many more, which is how they have built their reputation as one of the leading companies in carpet repair. Some of their services include power stretching, patching, seam repair, pet damage, stair repair, commercial repair, flood damage, or pad replacement. Their team has exactly what it takes to get the job done right the first time. Their team of professionals can help you save your money in the long run through their effective procedures. Since they understand how it can be quite pricey to have your carpets replaced, they have specifically crafted their services to bring your carpets back to life in a quick period of time and at the most affordable prices. Daily use can cause your carpets to develop patchy spots and stains, making its appearance look unpleasant. For this reason, they want to go out of their way to make your carpets look as good as new and bring back its original look and luminosity.

Aside from carpet repairs, Dry Fresh Plus LLC offers carpet cleaning and hardwood floor cleaning as well. Their team of professionals have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide you with the ultimate cleaning that can make your home looking fresh. They make use of their residential and commercial carpet cleaning with the choice of either dry or steam cleaning. They also make use of a machine that does traditional cleaning and dry cleaning while making use of environmentally safe chemicals, special pads, and a buffer to applications such as spot cleaning or pet treatment. Before they do the job, they will start by thoroughly vacuuming your carpets.

You can also take full advantage of their residential and commercial wooden floor cleaning, VCT cleaning, and waxing services. They specialize in red wood flooring wherein they make use of a special formulated cleaner and special pads to ensure the best possible results. In addition, they provide their customers with vinyl composition tile stripping, cleaning, and re-waxing services as well as for commercial applications. Their team can also eliminate the hassle of cleaning your tile and grout flooring since they clean all types of tiles with their special pads and chemicals to remove debris and reseal for lasting results.

So if you are in need of carpet cleaning or carpet repairs in Johns Creek, GA, then do not hesitate to call up Dry Fresh Plus LLC. They offer the best techniques that are unmatched to any other company out there. Not only do they provide affordable services, but they can also do the job quickly and effectively to get your daily routine back to normal. All issues, major and minor, can be resolved with just one call. With 35 years of combined experience, they can satisfy all of your needs in no time. Contact them at 404-438-5307 or 404-643-3337. You can also email them at or browse their website at