Tissue Wrapping Paper

How to Use Tissue Papers to Wrap Gifts in Unique Ways?

Gift wrapping is an art, be it a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion where you need to exchange gifts, presentation makes a lot of difference. There are a million ways of wrapping a gift right, but there are very few techniques out of those millions that we can do at home. Exchanging gifts is an age old ritual, but wrapping gifts keeps getting innovative with time.

We have collated some wonderful tissue wrapping paper ideas. These ideas are simple, can be done with minimum materials and are as innovative as pretty.

Exchange ribbon tissue paper flowers-

Wrap the gift in a tissue wrapping paper or any simple wrapping paper and on top instead of a ribbon put a tissue paper flower. Use a light coloured flower with bright coloured wrapping paper and bright coloured flowers with light coloured wrapping paper. Instead of tissue wrapping paper you can also use brown paper.

Use tissue paper pom-poms to tie the ribbon-

Pom-poms are fun and frolic way to decorate any article. It is not just cute but also reminds many of their college cheerleaders. To decorate your gift with pom-poms all you need to do is make pom-poms from tissue paper. We suggest luxury wrapping paper, as they are better in quality and give your pom-poms the fluffiness you want. Take a thread matching to your wrapping paper and attach two pom-poms on both sides of the thread. Now tie this thread over your gift in a way that both the pom-poms are on top.

Make tiny wreaths to enhance presentation

Buy a bulk of coloured tissue paper and use green and red coloured sheet to make a tissue paper wreath. Wrap your gift in are regular tissue wrapping paper or a gift box whatever you are using. Make two wreaths using tissue paper sheets. Paste the two wreaths on two parallel sides of the gift box. This gift wrap is best for Christmas.

Tissue paper to wrap bottles-

Well! Yes, there are bottle gift bags available in market, but this trick is just for the time when you are running late and have no time to stop by to buy a bottle gift bag. Simply buy tissue paper and place the bottle in the centre. Now take two loose ends of tissue from the opposite side to the centre at the neck of the bottle and start folding the loose paper into tiny pleats.

Do the same for the remaining two sides of the tissue paper. Once the bottle is covered from all sides with tissue paper, tie a thread at the bottle neck to hold the tissue paper in place. It will be better to paste the paper using cello tape. This is an absolutely elegant way of wrapping bottles with tissue paper. You can even do it for special occasions apart from the time you are running out of wine bottle bags.

These are some unique ways of wrapping gifts using tissue paper, try them and let us know how these ideas worked for you.