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Rising Atlanta mini-mogul acquires and rebrands digital agency

Outspoken 20-year-old, investor and CEO, Chad Carrodus, announces the launch of STREAM to his holding company.

ATLANTA, GA, January 15, 2018--- "Imagine walking into Saks, leaving with a Saint Laurent jacket, but somehow only paying what it would cost to buy a Hanes sweatshirt from WalMart...legally!" Chairman of Carrodus Asset Management and STREAM interim CEO, Chad Carrodus continues, "At STREAM Digital Marketing, we provide that Saks level of service and quality, at WalMart prices."

After months of quiet due diligence and negotiation with an established digital agency, Carrodus Asset Management, LLC is proud to announce the addition of STREAM to their widely diverse portfolio.

Though the exact details of the deal have remained vague, the acquisition seems to be a unique cross between and acqui-hire and an MBI. The existing infrastructure, operational team, resources and services were included in the deal, while current assets, liabilities, brand rights, and management were not.

In addition to overseeing dozens of team members across various ventures in e-commerce, B2B software, and the nonprofit sector, Carrodus also personally consulted companies and individuals looking to establish their online presence.

While most businesses understand they should be on social media, many are using ineffective strategies, techniques, and mediums. As a consultant, Carrodus would educate clients on how to optimize their efforts on social media to generate natural and organic followings and personally implement the suggestions provided.

Due to a successful track record and specialized client attention, Carrodus' consulting rates began to exceed $400/hour. "It got to the point where I was only able to focus on consulting, due to the man hours required behind ensuring client success."

Carrodus believed focusing solely on consulting wasn't fair to his partners, employees, contractors, interns, and clients across other ventures. Additionally, as a small business owner himself, it didn't feel right to charge such a high premium for what is to be considered a modern business necessity, even though clients were willing to pay it.

"We needed an efficient process that didn't sacrifice quality or service, which we could deliver at an affordable price point. I'll also be the first person to say that I am not an expert at everything. I believe in hiring people smarter than me." Carrodus continues, "I thought finding a solution would be near impossible. But we somehow pulled it off, and that's how STREAM was born...or adopted and renamed I suppose."

STREAM offers everything from website creation on Wordpress, copy writing/editing, blog post writing, social account growth/management/content creation, LinkedIn article writing, graphic design, PPC management, email campaigns, SEO, video infographic creation, and much more.


STREAM is a digital agency, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. All employees, account executives, and service reps are based in the U.S. STREAM offers a 30-day-money back guarantee on any service, but because only the top 1% of marketers are hired to work at STREAM, that option has never had to been exercised.