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5 Things You Must Have While Packing For A Residential School

So, you have decided to send your kids to one of the renowned international schools in Pune? You have taken the first step towards helping your kid climb the ladder of success through overall growth and development that only best boarding schools can provide. Now that you are all set for the journey; you need to know what to get packed for your kid for this enriching path. There are five must haves that you shouldn’t ignore while packing for boarding schools.

5 things you must pack for the best International Boarding schools in India

1. Mattress: You must be thinking why mattress when residential schools do provide it? It is because your kid shouldn’t feel away from home. Sleeping on a cozy mattress with the smell of home can stop from making your kid home sick. Comfortability can’t be compromised because the stay isn’t going to be for a day or for a month. It is going to be for years. International Boarding schools in Maharashtra, India have good facilities for every student no doubt.

2. Warm Clothes: One can be ready for summers and winters and cold can be uncalled for. So being ready with a few warm clothes is going to be a smart inclusion.

3. An alarm clock: Your kid will be independent now. You won’t be close by to wake him up in the morning. In addition to this, he shouldn’t miss the school’s morning prayers. Getting an alarm clock packed can be quite helpful.

4. First Aid Box: You don’t want your kid to rely on the school in emergency. Let them have a first aid box with all the necessities so that any minor wounds or scratches are looked after by him or her.

5. Blanket or warmer: A cold night can be escaped with a warm blanket. Most of the topCoed boarding schools are located in the outskirts of the city making it colder and chillier than other parts of the city.

These five essentials can be blessings in times of emergency for your kid. You don’t want him or her to be missing home when any emergency occurs.

“Precaution is always better than cure”.No matter which premium institute your child is heading to, for that matter even the Cathedral Vidya School.