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Expert Psychiatrist Jose Gomez, M.D. Embraces Positive Psychology And Drives His Groundbreaking Book ‘My Happiness Today’

Expert Psychiatrist Jose Gomez, M.D. Embraces Positive Psychology And Drives His Groundbreaking Book ‘My Happiness Today’

After Four Decades of Psychiatric Practice, the Jacksonville, FL Physician and Best Selling Author Shares in Layman’s Terms ‘The Seven Secrets to a Happy Life’

Jacksonville, FL – November 23, 2016 - After more than four decades helping hundreds of patients in his private practice as a Board Certified psychiatrist, Dr. Jose Gomez – a bestselling author whose latest book is the groundbreaking My Happiness Today - has formulated a powerful answer to the question: Why are so many people feeling unhappy?

“People are unhappy because they have the false belief that happiness has to do with what is going on outside of them,” says the Jacksonville, FL based practitioner, a former professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Medical School at the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo in his native Dominican Republic. A distinguished member of the Royal Society of Medicine in England and Founding Fellow of the Institute for Coaching at Harvard University, he has been consecutively nominated for seven years running as one of the top psychiatrists in America.

“They don’t realize that happiness has a lot to do with what’s inside of us and our chosen actions. I often hear my patients say, ‘Dr. Gomez, if you just knew all the things going in my life…I lost my house, lost my job, I’m broke, have a problem kid, I’m not educated…’ People cite all those things as reasons for being unhappy. My extensive research into the realm of Positive Psychology has shown me that all the negative circumstances people have outside themselves account for only 10% of our unhappiness. Most people believe it’s 100% and blame everything on their unfortunate circumstances.”

Set for publication in August 2016, My Happiness Today – whose subtitle is Learn the Seven Secrets to a Happy Life – details a complete system of thought based on the Positive Psychology findings investigated by researchers at Yale, Rutgers, Harvard and other prestigious American academic institutions that can help individuals to live and enjoy happier lives. The 260 page work contains valuable research, theories and practical exercises presented dynamically in layman’s terms. Being a scientist and treating people in his practice for decades, Dr. Gomez has the unique ability to explain complex academic issues in compelling and relatable ways.

Questions addressed in the book include: What is Happiness? What are the three basic requirements needed to live a happy life? What are the positive emotions and six human values necessary to foster happiness? What are the main negative emotions to be avoided? My Happiness Today is full of short stories illustrating what happy people do to be happy, along with practical exercises, techniques and tips to help readers transform their lives.

Dr. Gomez previously published the book Marriage Tips (based on his many years of helping couples live fulfilling marriages) and has co-authored several bestsellers, including The Ultimate Success Guide (with notable author and personal and business development expert Brian Tracy), Dare To Succeed (with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) and Think and Grow Rich Today.

After more than four decades helping hundreds of patients, Dr. Gomez came to the realization that most of the emotional problems his clients were experiencing were related to being unhappy in life. He cites anxiety, depression, insomnia, panic attacks and other mental problems as having the common denominator of people living unhappy lives. “This is when I decided that I was going to organize and put together in a book all the valuable knowledge that I had learned from so many people over these many years of practicing psychiatry that could reach and help thousands of people around the world”.

One of Dr. Gomez’s wider goals with My Happiness Today is to sponsor an association called Happiness Fellowship with multiple chapters all over the world, where members can come together and meet to support each other in their efforts to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

“In Positive Psychology, we focus on health, not sickness,” Dr. Gomez adds. “Practicing regular psychiatry for years, the focus was on the past and all the things that went wrong there so that we may change the present. Now I’m taking what’s good in the present to help change their future, so people can learn how to live happier lives.”

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