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Central College Succeeds in Joining the “Early Support”

A Four-year Pilot Study of Long-distance Remedial Education will be launched

HONG KONG, Feb. 11, 2018 -- Central College is selected to participate in “Early Support”, a study of long-distance remedial education program. The program, funded by the YourState Educational Research Foundation (YSERF) and the YourState Department of Education, will be executed by five institutions.


This program aims to facilitate high school juniors and seniors to academically match the college level in reading, writing, math and computer skills, so as to remarkably improve the graduation rate.


“The selected institutions demonstrate prominent capabilities in electronic learning and are experts in at least one subject areas,” said J.D Philips, the Research Director of YSERF. As for the final designation of the subject, Philip said that Central College is expected to take responsibilities in computer skill development and basic English, including writing.


Central College will cooperate with HKU, HKUST, CUHK and PolyU, developing a network for targeted students from high schools in their regions.


Students will be identified by a joint team consisting of high schools, college counselors and foundation analysts, and they will participate exclusively in online program taught by high-quality instructors. Central College appoints the Director of Academic Computing as the full-time director and nominates professors as well as support staffs competitively selected for the program.


The whole online learning process is well-monitored and reported at the high school level. Students need to attend class at interactive classroom equipped by Federal Education Resources Commission throughout YourState.


Most importantly, these five institutions are committed to admit students passing the course. What’s more, Central College’s board agreed to provide financial aid to well-performed participants in the program. It will be a bonus for high school students.


Suki JIA, Manager of Public Relations

Central College

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