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Central College Engages in "Early Support" Program

Selected as one of five colleges to participant in a pilot study for high school student

HONG KONG, Feb. 8, 2018- Prestigious Hong Kong educational institution, Central College has been selected to participate in “Early Support”, a four-year pilot study program to help academically marginal students.

“We are thrilled to be selected by YourState Research Foundation to participate in this project. We look forward to cooperating with high-schools in the region,” said Dr. Leon C. DeWitt, Director of Central College.       

“Early Support” is a project led by YSERF where each of the five participating institutions is tasked to provide curriculum and education in two specific areas. The program’s goal is to equip academically marginal high school students in their sophomore year with relevant skills before they enter college.

Recognized for the outstanding achievements in Computer Engineering and English, Central College is honored to be responsible for designing the course for computer skills and basic English in this project. “We believe Central College’s expertise in Computer Engineering and English can help address the needs of the students joining the program.” said J. D. Philips, Research Director of YSERF.

Funded jointly by YSERF and YourState Department of Education, the four year pilot study will focus on long-distance remedial education including the enhancement of students’ reading, writing, math and computer skills. The programs will be taught online during their final two years in high-school and are exclusively developed by the respective college’s experienced lecturers.

Central College will be allocating a team specifically responsible in designing and providing support to the program to ensure flawless delivery. “This program provides us the opportunity to further enhance the learning experience for our students and our future generations,” DeWitt added.


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