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This semester, the Consulting Group at Virginia Tech acquired Elevate IT as the organization's newest client.

Consulting Group members meet to do work for their client

In early January, the Consulting Group at Virginia Tech took on its fifth client, Elevate IT. Elevate IT is an innovative start-up IT consulting firm of seven employees located in the Northern Virginia area. Elevate IT offers several different technology services including software development, cloud, security, organizational development, and internet of things.

The project team was brought on by the Consulting Group at Virginia Tech to perform pro bono work for Elevate IT specifically. The team is completing its work in two phases: the branding phase and the internal development phase.

Elevate IT is only about a year old and therefore has nearly no brand at all. Thus the first phase for the team is devoted to creating that brand. Deliverables in this phase include creating a tagline, choosing company colors, designing a logo, developing social media accounts, and revamping the existing website. The team sees this stage of the project as pertinent to its client's development. 

According to Project Manager Srikar Manjuluri, "Even if a company provides quality work effectively and efficiently, nobody will know this if they do not have any name recognition."

The second phase of the project is devoted to internal development, rather than public relations. During this period, the team aims to make recommendations to Elevate IT about how to improve its internal cohesion as a company. Manjuluri, explained that two of his initial thoughts are appointing a board of directors and creating a better regulated timesheet system.

There are five team members working on this project team, including Robin Marx, Jayda El Hakie, Jeffrey Lau, and Calvin Cortez, and Project Manager Srikar Manjuluri. The five of them represent three different colleges at Virginia Tech, allowing them to each contribute different skills corresponding with their unique backgrounds. 

As junior industrial and systems engineering student Jeffrey Lau described, "Whereas Srikar, Jayda, and I are able to contribute our technical expertise, Calvin is able to help implement the technology, and Robin is able to write well and spearhead the branding of the firm."

The team has been working closely with Elevate IT’s CEO Preetam Bagalkotkar and Associate Consultant Mariam Rasheed on this project. The team members hope to complete as much of the project during the spring semester as possible and carry over unfinished work to the fall semester. 

The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech is a collegiate organization made up of 74 students across 17 different majors. The members do pro bono work on behalf of five clients located both locally and remotely.

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