The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery Offers Breast Augmentation Surgery

Chicago, Illinois, September 12, 2016: The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to announce spectacular breast augmentation surgery for interested patients. Dr. Michael Horn is a board-certified, well-established and respected plastic surgeon who has offered patients quality breast augmentation and enlargement surgery for years at his Chicago, Illinois, practice.

Dr. Horn works closely with each patient to achieve her desired result. He is known in the community for the finest aesthetic results and is internationally recognized for his expertise in traditional and more innovative techniques.

Since implants are often chosen to attain fuller, shapelier breasts, Dr. Horn will work with the patient to determine the best type and size of implants. Women can choose implants for a subtle look or a dramatic, new appearance.

During the augmentation process, each patient will receive unparalleled care and attention from Dr. Horn and his attentive staff. To achieve the level of exceptional results patients have come to expect, Dr. Horn offers an artist’s eye for symmetry, a delicate touch and deft hand, while listening to the patient’s needs and wants.

Patients can expect a safe surgery that’s performed under general anesthesia, which takes around one to two hours. The recovery period will leave a patient with temporary swelling, bruising, numbness and some discomfort. Patients typically can return to normal activities within one to two weeks following the augmentation.

For more information about the practice and its services, visit the The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery website or call 1-312-202-9000.

About The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery: The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers high-quality breast augmentation surgery in Chicago, Illinois. The practice of board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Horn, provides exceptional care and attention to all patients to achieve beautiful, flawless results, while paying close attention to a patient’s needs and safety. Patients can expect a surgery that combines artistry and science for spectacular outcomes.

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