Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park Provides Superior Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Chicago, Illinois, March 30, 2017: Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park is pleased to announce the dental practice offers a variety of cosmetic dental treatments. The Chicago practice specializes in providing a relaxed, friendly atmosphere to put patients at ease.

The practice strives to keep patients’ teeth healthy and beautiful by offering services like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding to transform chips and cracks, dental implants to replace missing teeth with a natural look and feel, crowns and bridges to restore lost teeth, porcelain veneers to reshape teeth and repair larger cracks and chips and more.

In addition to cosmetic dental procedures, the practice offers general dentistry to maintain patients’ oral health. Dental examinations are provided to regularly check teeth, gums and other aspects of the mouth. Detailed oral examinations are performed to check for the presence of any issues. If any diseases or concerning problems are found, the dentists can begin treatment immediately to prevent long-term, costlier issues from developing.

Patients can also choose the practice for fillings, extractions, cavity treatments, sealants, dentures, root canals, orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign, fillings and other treatments.

Regardless of the treatment, a patient receives, he or she will be treated with care and compassion by knowledgeable, highly-trained dentists like Dr. Michael M. Bukumira and Dr. Bruce Abdullah. The dentists and their staff use the latest technology and most advanced equipment and tools to provide high-quality treatment.

For more information about the practice and their services, visit the website Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park or call 1-773-327-4442.

About Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park: Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park is a Chicago-based dental practice that offers general dentistry, cosmetic treatments, Invisalign, full-mouth restoration, smile makeovers and much more. The practice is under the direction of dentists, Dr. Michael M. Bukumira and Dr. Bruce Abdullah, who are highly trained and revered in their industry. The practice offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to alleviate any fears or anxieties patients may experience. Additionally, the dental office utilizes only the most modern technology to provide high-quality, safe procedures.

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