Chicago Gold Gallery

Chicago Gold Gallery Buys Diamond and Jewelry at Top Rates

Chicago, Illinois, March 9, 2017: Chicago Gold Gallery is pleased to announce the company buys diamond and jewelry at top rates. The professionals are experienced in purchasing fine jewelry and gold from their customers.

Since 1980, buyers have purchased a wide variety of jewelry like estate items, high-end watches, diamonds, modern jewelry, antique jewelry, signature pieces and more. The business also buys used and old gold a customer no longer wants. The company will buy rings, bracelets, earrings, gold, silver, platinum, broken jewelry and more in a variety of styles.

Their buyers will appraise the jewelry to offer a reasonable price. Chicago Gold Gallery offers fair rates so customers can feel as if they have received the best deal possible.

In addition to buying jewelry, the company also purchases coins. The professionals appraise a vast array of coins from gold and silver to nickel and copper. Whether a customer wants to bring in an individual coin or a whole collection, the staff will offer a free appraisal and rate coins on a special scale from “About Good” to “Almost Uncirculated.” Then the buyers will offer a fair rate in case the client wants to sell.

Chicago Gold Gallery also purchase guitars, ukuleles, banjos and various other instruments. Customers can bring in their old or unwanted instruments for a free appraisal evaluation.

For more information about the company and their services, visit the website at Chicago Gold Gallery or call 1-773-338-7787.

About Chicago Gold Gallery: Chicago Gold Gallery is a reputable jewelry and gold buyer that has been in business since 1980, serving customers throughout the Chicago area. Experienced and friendly buyers offer free appraisals for used and old gold, antique items, broken jewelry, modern and antique jewelry, watches and more. Additionally, the company appraises and buys coins, guitars and other instruments. The buyers strive to offer top rates to their customers.

Company: Chicago Gold Gallery

Address: 1236 W. Devon Avenue

City: Chicago

State: IL

Zip code: 60660

Telephone number: 1-773-338-7787

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