Choosing the Best eCommerce Shopping Cart for Your Budget

Choosing the Best eCommerce Shopping Cart for Your Budget

    Shopping Carts are crucial when you want to sell on your website. The software that you choose will depend on the all of the features that you want for a price that you are willing to pay for. But, why compromise when there are many platforms out there today with the components that you need that won’t take a chunk out of your wallet? Here is a list of a few shopping carts that will give you plenty of bang for the buck.

1.  Shopping Cart Elite (SCE)

First of all, this platform is great for both smaller merchants and higher volume businesses due to their various plans. This cart has a large range of functions, so businesses work the way they would like to, not by the rules of technology.

When it comes to pricing, both the number of employees in your company and the number of SKUs that you need are taken into account. The base price for every plan starts at $299 per month for eCommerce and $399 a month for eCommerce + Marketplaces. Both of these packages include 5,000 SKUs. However, the more users or products that you add to the plan, the cheaper the individual user or product is. If you chose to pay for the whole year, then your monthly fee will drop by 50%.

Additionally, SCE offers a 14 day trial for free.

2.  Volusion

This shopping cart platform offers almost all of the features than you need to manage your online store.This software offers four payment plans. The Mini is $15 a month, the Plus is $35 per month, the Pro is $75 a month and the Premium plan is $135 per month. Each plan includes unlimited storage and no transaction fees, but differ in bandwidth, number of products and other tools.

Additionally, they offer a 14 day free trial. Your credit card is not necessary for the trial, so you can test it out risk free.

3.  nopCommerce

This shopping cart is very popular for one very good reason; it is free. However, this open source platform is only good for those with a strong understanding of .NET, MS SQL, HTML, and CSS. Web-hosting, themes, add-ons and aSSl certificate all need to be paid for. Additionally, should you need assistance, they have support plans. Their pricing is as follows: $299 for three months or $799 for an entire year of support.

4.  X-Cart

X-Cart sells your products securely from your own server. This open-source platform is based on PHP/MySQL, so ideally, you should have some understanding of PHP. There are two versions: X-Cart and X-Cart Classic. Basically, the latter is just an older version so newer updates can no longer be applied to it. There are seven plans that X-Cart offers: the Free Edition, Business for $495, Multivendor for $1,495, and Ultimate for $5,995. Both X-Cart and X-Cart Classic offer Gold for $195, Gold Plus for $495 and Platinum for $1,795 (which is essentially Multivendor, but for X-Cart Classic). Each of these comes with their own specific features, but the two things that they all have in common is that they all come as lifetime licenses and they never charge transaction fees.