How can a better Design bring more results?

As much as it is said that as a general rule 'image is not everything' and content matters more, in the case of websites, applications or games, this is especially important and will dictate much of the success of these projects .

It is easy to see that every day on the Internet there are many new sites, applications and games, some with fantastic concepts, others not so good, but the truth is that the competition is bigger than ever in whatever area we are talking about . For this reason, any new project must work and try to stand out to the maximum of the competition in all the aspects and the image is one of the most preponderant .

A website can be brilliant at the content level but if the look is unappealing the user quickly becomes annoyed and shortens the time spent on it and pages visited, just as a game can have an innovative mechanics and everything to turn out that if the Graphic level is weak it is almost certain that it will not have great result. Even more so when from year to year computers and mobile devices significantly improve their graphics capabilities and the visual experience they provide. However, of course, for all rules there are exceptions, but in the case of Design we think it is a great risk not to try to do the best possible.

Creating a navigation and interaction experience that is not only simple and well-organized, but also pleasing to the eye, will undoubtedly contribute to a better-performing website . A button in vivid color, well positioned, and with a beautiful and easy-to-read font will have far more clicks than a very sober and discreet button positioned somewhere on the page. It is with the image of the site that the user comes across first, and the first impression you take will greatly influence your final opinion about the site and the brand to whom it belongs, besides it will be with these visual elements that it will interact and Not with the numerous lines of code behind it that make the site work.

Thus, in an environment where competition is too high and quality, you must work to the fullest characteristics of the site, with special attention to Design and the relevance that the content has for the target audience. This is because, the more visually attractive this is, but the users will have to continue to see content and visit more pages, so we have more potential customers on the site, more times and more time, which makes the site much more valuable if This is a point of sale as if the goal is to achieve return on advertising.

The Web Design is one of the aspects that distinguish us